If it's inconvenient to watch your favorite show live, you can subscribe to any show for free on YouTube or by using a program that saves podcasts. It's usually easiest to subscribe to the show you want in the program you're using to listen or watch.

iTunes is a popular choice for the desktop, and virtually all mobile platforms also have a way to subscribe. Because TWiT is one of the oldest podcast networks, and one of the most popular, you should be able to find our shows almost everywhere including Spotify, TiVo, Stitcher, Slacker, Xbox Music, and on and on and on...

By subscribing, you ensure that you don't miss an episode but be aware, if you don't listen after a few episodes iTunes will suspend your subscription. Other programs may do the same. If your favorite program stops downloading new shows, remove the feed and resubscribe. 

How To Subscribe

This varies depending on the program you're using. We provide industry standard playlist files, called "RSS Feeds," for all of our shows, offering both audio and video subscriptions. It's easiest to search for and subscribe to our shows in your preferred app's directory, but we do offer some shortcuts for each show here on the web site.

Using Our iTunes Links

  1. Find the show you want to subscribe to on this site
  2. Click the Apple icon for the feed you want to subscribe to
  3. On the page that comes up, click "View in iTunes". This will launch iTunes on your computer
  4. Click the "Subscribe" button

Using Our YouTube Links

  1. Find the show you want to subscribe to on this site
  2. Click the YouTube icon for the show you want to subscribe to.
  3. On the page that comes up, click the red "Subscribe" button.

Download Formats

We provide each show in four formats to suit most situations.

  • Audio: MP3 file. Recommended for commuters or anyone who only plans to listen to a show. (currently 128kbps joint stereo MP3)
  • Video-LO: 640x368 video. Recommended for people who want to watch, but need a low bandwidth option. (SD MP4)
  • Video-HI: 864x480 video. Higher quality video for people watching in a computer window. (SD MP4)
  • Video-HD: 1280x720 video. Large, high definition video files for full-screen and TV viewers. (HD MP4)
All TWiT Shows     Audio                                    
All About Android                                        
Android App Arena                                           
Before You Buy                                        
Coding 101                                        
FLOSS Weekly                                        
Ham Nation                                        
Home Theater Geeks                                        
iFive for the iPhone                                        
iOS Today                                        
Know How...                                        
MacBreak Weekly                                        
The New Screen Savers                                        
Padre's Corner                                        
Security Now                                        
The Tech Guy                                        
Tech News Today                                        
Tech News 2Night                                        
This Week in Computer Hardware                                        
This Week in Enterprise Tech                                        
This Week in Google                                        
This Week in Law                                        
This Week in Tech                                        
TWiT Live Specials                                        
Windows Weekly                                        
TWiT Bits                                        
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