Untitled Linux Show

Untitled Linux Show

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

The Untitled Linux Show covers the week's hottest Linux news for desktop, gaming, and even enterprise. ULS is the weekly update you don't want to miss, from the latest kernel development to the updates on your favorite apps! Each episode finishes with a killer command line tip from each host.

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New episodes are recorded live every Saturday in the Club TWiT Discord.

More about Untitled Linux Show:

Research estimates that there are nearly 33 million Linux users worldwide. With so many people in the community, it's important that users have a place to stay up-to-date about what's going on with their favorite operating system.

However, if you've ever searched around for reliable Linux news podcasts, you know that when it comes to finding one hosted by experts with deep Linux knowledge that runs the gamut from desktop work to gaming to enterprises, they're countable on just one hand.

Thankfully, one of those is the Untitled Linux Show, a one-of-a-kind Linux news podcast that you can find and enjoy ad-free or with video as part of Club TWiT, TWiT.tv's monthly membership.

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett with the help of a group of expert guests each week, Untitled Linux Show features can't-miss updates covering the important aspects of the apps you love so much and the kernel that ensures they run smoothly.

For the dedicated Linux user, Untitled Linux Show provides unmatched fun, flair, and information that simply can't be beaten, and since it's recorded via the Club TWiT Discord server, members are able to talk with like-minded community members during and after each episode and chime in with your thoughts on the topics at hand.

Latest Topics & What to Expect

The Untitled Linux Show covers the news and important topics to the Linux community. Recent discussions have touched on the following topics:

  • Cinnamon finally achieving official status as an Ubuntu flavor
  • The latest Intel Linux kernel optimizations
  • The newest news about Red Hat and other Linux distros
  • Controversy around Github's Copilot
  • Whether SUSE is poised to become an open-source major player under the leadership of Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen

Every episode of the show ends with each host giving an insightful command line tip, which means you'll always walk away with something beneficial.

Why You Should Be Listening

As a Linux enthusiast, you may wonder what makes Untitled Linux Show so special   besides being one of the few weekly Linux podcasts out there. You'll get a few additional advantages when you join us for the live show each Saturday:

You Want to Keep Up with the Latest News

New Linux headlines are always popping up, but often users have to scour the internet and sift through all the Apple and Microsoft stories just to finally find and indulge in their Linux-related slice of news. If you've ever wished you could have Linux-only news delivered straight to you, consider making Untitled Linux Show your new favorite podcast.

From leadership switch-ups to new app and software releases, you'll never miss a beat on a major Linux story as long as you're plugged in with the experts on the Untitled Linux Show. What's more, as a listener, you'll have a front-row seat to all the ups and downs of the system's improvements and optimizations, with a rotating panel of enthusiasts processing every change through the eyes of real Linux users, just like you.

You Want to Hear from the Experts

Untitled Linux Show host Jonathan Bennett is a Renaissance man who currently runs his own IT business while co-hosting another TWiT show (FLOSS Weekly) and writing a weekly digital security column on Hackaday.

He's been a part of the open-source world for a long time, so he knows everything there is to know when it comes to the Linux operating system. His guests, including long-time Linux experts Ken McDonald, Jeff Massie, and Rob Campbell, are all equally well-versed and highly invested in the platform.

On the Untitled Linux Show, you'll get the opportunity to hear from each of these experts each Saturday in the Club TWiT Discord. Many of them hold positions as managers and engineers in the IT field, making their knowledge and opinions highly valuable and sought-after. As such, any tech enthusiast is sure to enjoy the high-level conversation and perspective they bring to their dedicated Linux news podcast every week.

You're Looking for New Apps or Distro Recommendations

If you're in the market for a laptop made to run Linux or some new Linux-based apps that serve a specific purpose, listen up. Many Untitled Linux Show episodes are full of news and recommendations about the latest releases, and if you miss anything, you can always comb through the show notes for links to all the stories mentioned in that week's podcast.

If you're new to Linux and have yet to choose a distro, you're no doubt marveling at the wide range available to you and wondering which one will best suit your needs. Luckily for you, on the Untitled Linux Show, you're bound to hear all about new distros and flavors as they release, so you can keep your ears open for something that might interest you.

You're Looking for Tips and Tricks

Whether you're just entering the world of Linux for the first time or have been around since the whole thing began in 1991, you're likely eager for some tips and tricks you can use to help unlock the full potential of your OS. Fortunately, the Untitled Linux Show is all about providing you with the detailed information you seek.

In addition to hosts giving their best command line tips at the end of every show, the extensive show notes will guide you down the Linux rabbit hole. Yes, you'll find a lot of older Linux news there, but you'll also gather a wide array of information regarding software updates, new features available for you to use, bug fixes to be aware of, and what all of it means for your current user experience.

You Want a Like-Minded Community

Arguably, one of the best features of the Untitled Linux Show isn't the show itself but its location. The show's listeners love the fact that the Untitled Linux Show is a Linux news show recorded right from a dedicated Discord server. Club TWiT is a special community of users who come together to share their stories and insights with one another while assisting with any questions. The show hosts also come around to hang out quite often, bringing their unique expertise to the lively discussions.

All the fun of using Linux is sharing the experience with others and gleaning from what other people have learned, and the Club TWiT Discord aims to provide you with several special channels to do that. It's another benefit reserved only for Club TWiT members, but it's always a guaranteed fun time. Untitled Linux Show proves to be so much more than just another tech podcast: It's truly an experience that you don't want to miss out on.

Be Sure to Keep Up with the Latest Developments

The world of Linux is ever-changing, which makes it vital for dedicated users to know about the operating system's latest developments as well as what is coming down the pipeline. Not only will you walk away from each episode of Untitled Linux Show knowing what the latest headlines are all about, but you'll also gain some skillful insight into how they might impact your life and work within the Linux ecosystem.

As mentioned, the Untitled Linux Show is a Club TWiT exclusive, which means you must be an active Club TWiT member to get the ad-free audio or video feeds and listen in on experts talking about your favorite OS. Join us and get access to a slew of perks, including ad-free versions of every TWiT Network show and even more shows, like Hands-On Mac and Home Theater Geeks. You'll even find some fun outtakes and behind-the-scenes episodes!

You can join Club TWiT for just seven dollars a month, and there are even group discounts available for families and corporations! Gain immediate access to all of your member benefits, including the latest episode of the Untitled Linux Show, by becoming a member of Club TWiT today!