This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech

Hosted by Leo Laporte

This Week in Tech is the top-ranked flagship tech podcast from Every Sunday, Leo Laporte and a roundtable of insiders explore the week's hottest tech news from AI to robots, and PCs to privacy. When it comes to tech, TWiT is IT.

Records live every Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern / 2:15pm Pacific / 21:15 UTC.

More about This Week in Tech:

This Week in Tech (TWiT) is the top-ranked flagship technology podcast from Every Sunday, Leo Laporte and a roundtable of tech journalists and experts discuss current tech news, trends, and niche topics in the tech industry. In a world where technology touches every facet of our lives, This Week in Tech dives deep into a wide range of tech news with expert analyses and thought-provoking opinions. From the latest personal tech to industry forecasts, policies and politics, international relations, and global trends, This Week in Tech panelists cut through the noise and deliver thought-provoking commentary. The tech podcast records Sunday afternoons and is delivered to all major podcast apps late Sunday night.

Technology Podcast Covered Topics

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  • Tech Privacy
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  • Latest Tech Products
  • Technological Advances
  • Ethnic in Tech
  • Regulation in Tech
  • Technology Impact on Society

This Week in Tech is a broad-ranging technology podcast covering trending industry topics, tech companies and products, technological advances, ethics and regulation, and how tech affects society at large. The latest technology news is dissected by opinionated industry experts, insightful journalists, and fearless thought-leaders. Let the experts guide you through the complicated world of modern technology, with in-depth and varied discussions over the latest news related to big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter, plus emerging start-ups vying for space in the crowded tech sector and driving the industry forward. Get a truly unique perspective into how tech affects society at large.

Panelists scrutinize technology products and services that permeate modern life, including technical details of the latest computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, wearable tech, software, apps, platforms, and more. Watch and listen as they highlight the nuances of emerging technologies and put them in a historical perspective.

Tune in as they examine the goings-on at tech companies and big-picture views of technology as it relates to current events, privacy, local and national politics, international relations, economies and business dealings, communities, and our personal lives. The weekly panel also delves into consumer tech and consumer electronics, cybersecurity and privacy concerns, social media influence, cloud computing, and streaming services.

Technology Experts on this Podcast Panel

This Week in Tech is recorded live at the TWiT Eastside Studio in Petaluma, CA. It features a range of regulars, guests, and industry luminaries.

Frequent panelists include futurist Amy Webb, technology journalists Iain Thomson of The Register, Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch, and Christina Warren from Microsoft, plus developer/programmer Brianna Wu. Notable guests over the years have included tech entrepreneur Steve Wozniak, hacker-turned-computer security consultant Kevin Mitnick, YouTube stars Marques Brownlee and iJustine (Justine Ezarik), media personality, writer, video blogger Shira Lazar, venture capitalist Kevin Rose, attorney and activist Lawrence Lessig, musician Roger McGuinn, and actors LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton (of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame), among many others.

From Humble Beginnings

This Week in Tech is not only one of the longest-running tech podcasts, but among the longest-running podcasts, period. It all started in 2005 when Leo Laporte and several former TechTV colleagues gathered for a reunion at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and recorded their conversation. Leo posted the recording on his website, which led to overwhelming fan requests for more. Three months later, in April 2005, Leo and the crew launched the show as a weekly podcast. The podcast was briefly known as Revenge of the Screen Savers, a nod to the TechTV show, The Screen Savers. Former TechTV hosts Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and John C. Dvorak, and producers Robert Heron, David Prager, and Roger Chang were frequent guests who helped get the show rolling. With This Week in Tech's rising popularity as an anchor, the network has since expanded to include a range of original weekly tech podcasts, each with a unique focus. Each podcast also has video versions.

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