Developer Program and API

This TWiT site is a departure from previous TWiT web sites and from almost any other site you've ever visited. Instead of building a traditional web site, our amazing developers at Four Kitchens created a headless Drupal backend with a rich ReSTful API. This site is but one consumer of the API. Other consumers of the API include third-party fan-made apps and maybe you, too!

We encourage everyone to play with our API and build new things. You can use any programming language and operating system you like, as long as you can make ReST calls and parse the JSON results. For more information on ReST start with this article from Dr. Dobbs. We have also done some episodes on Coding 101 on how to work with the TWiT API. (Look for episodes 74, 80, 81, 82, 83, and 91.)

The API documentation is available at Apiary. Before you begin using the TWiT API for real you'll need our approval. Begin by signing up for a free account at our 3scale page: - they're the key masters. As soon as we see that you've requested API access and have a validated account, we'll grant access. However, approval is a manual process that may take a business day or two, so please be patient. (Please do not use a temporary, disposable email address or you will not be approved.) TWiT reserves the right to revoke keys if you start pulling too much data or misuse the data.

We've published some guidelines (such as not referring to your app as "official", not charging a subscription fee, and not naming your app just "TWiT"), but in general have at it. We'll start you with five GET requests a minute. If you need more or want to ask about the API, email

Have fun. We can't wait to see what you do!