Home Theater Geeks

Home Theater Geeks

Hosted by Scott Wilkinson

Get the most out of your home theater with the latest advances, product reviews, and all things audio and video. Every Thursday, Scott Wilkinson shares his expertise, energy, and enthusiasm about how to make your A/V system sound and look its best. In this short-format podcast, Scott brings you news, reviews, interviews, and commentary, and answers your questions.

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New episodes every Thursday.

More about Home Theater Geeks:

Research shows that nearly 40% of households in the United States own a home theater system, and there's a good reason for that: They offer so many benefits.

You're able to enjoy the magic of Hollywood entertainment from the comfort of your living room, and with no movie theater rules to follow, you can speak as loudly as you please, pause the movie whenever you feel like it, and take a call in the middle of a scene. Unlimited snacks are only a few steps away — nothing's stopping you from eating as much as you desire in your own home, after all — and you can tailor the audio and visuals to your liking with all the special features you can think of in one place.

It's likely that all sounds pretty wonderful to you, but without a home theater system already in place, you may also wonder how to make it all happen. Creating the home theater system of your dreams will undoubtedly take some work, along with a fair amount of help. Thankfully, that's where the Home Theater Geeks podcast swoops in.

From simple tweaks, tips, and tricks to enhance your sound and visuals to full-on product reviews of the latest televisions and other home theater hardware, you'll find everything you need to create the theater you've always wanted: one that makes things look and sound just like they do at the movies.

Latest Topics and What to Expect

The title Home Theater Geeks doesn't lie: If you're just as enthusiastic about these projects as we are, you'll be more than glad you discovered our dedicated home theater podcast. There's a new topic to cover each week, all leading back to the same goal: Developing a home theater that gives you that cinema feel in the comfort of your own residence.

Here's a rundown of some of the most recent topics we've talked about on the show:

  • A review of the Samsung QN77S95C TV with QD OLED technology
  • A complete overview of Sony's latest TV lineup
  • Optimizing picture quality
  • TCL's Q & S Series LCD televisions
  • The best solution for an outdoor audio system

If you're looking for more, you can find host Scott Wilkinson, home theater expert, in the same place every Thursday — Club TWiT — or on Apple Podcasts Paid Subscriptions.

Why You Should Be Listening

Whether you're a homeowner needing help choosing products or an enthusiast just here to learn more about the latest tech, read on to discover what the Home Theater Geeks podcast has in store for you.

You're Building a New Home Theater

Creating the perfect home theater is a massive undertaking, one that can no doubt be daunting. There are many different pieces of equipment, all with their distinct specs, cabling requirements, and compatibilities, and you don't want to choose the wrong gear and end up with terrible picture quality or unable to hear the surround sound as a result.

All that is true, and yet you still have no idea where to start when it comes to optimizing your setup. Fortunately, that's why the Home Theater Geeks podcast is here. With the beginner in mind, we've crafted episodes chock-full of equipment reviews, expert advice, and beginner tutorials to help you bring your vision to life, right within your home.

Instead of going the trial and error route or getting frustrated spending money on the wrong equipment, catch up with a handful of TWiT experts on one of the few dedicated home theater podcasts around, and let us help you get on the right track.

Host Scott Wilkinson even takes questions to provide listeners with assistance and understanding. Just send your questions to Scott at htg@twit.tv, and he'll break the answer down in an easily-digestible format.

You're Looking to Finish What You Started

Maybe you've already started building your home theater, and you may even be moving in the right direction, but you might need just a few more pieces to complete the setup. In a different case, you may have finally amassed a collection of equipment you can be proud of, and you think you've got the right setup down pat, but your audio could be clearer or your picture might not be as crisp as the manufacturer promised.

In both cases, Home Theater Geeks can help. Scott Wilkinson delivers in-depth product reviews that will assist you in figuring out your next best purchase to put you one step closer to completing your home theater. You'll also find tutorials to help you tweak the settings or use little-known features of the technology you already have to bring the best out of your current setup. Either way, you can rest assured that with the help of Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Geeks will guarantee you'll get the biggest bang for your buck.

You're an Audio-Visual Enthusiast

You might be a home theater or tech expert yourself who already understands all there is to know about audio-visual equipment. Maybe you've even tried every tip or trick in the book over the course of years in the industry. Regardless, you're still likely to adore Home Theater Geeks.

To host Scott Wilkinson, home theaters are serious business, so he strives to offer plenty of strong commentary that will have you nodding along in agreement. Special guests are also invited to the show quite often, making for plenty of enlightening conversation and equally fun banter.

You Want to Talk with People Who Get It

Your family and friends may not understand why you're so into screen specs or audio-visual cabling, but the good news is you don't have to travel that road alone. There's a community of people just like you, just as enthusiastic about finding the right soundbar for their small theater room. That community is yours to bask in at the Club TWiT Discord, exclusively accessible to Club TWiT members.

As Home Theater Geeks is on a weekly release schedule, you'll get to talk about it whenever you like with other members and even Scott Wilkinson, who can bring helpful insight and maybe even answer some questions that went overlooked in the show proper. You'll no longer have to worry about having someone to talk to about your home theater. Club TWiT is a built-in community with which you can sound off and exchange questions and advice.

Let Us Help You Build the Theater of Your Dreams

Whether you're a beginner or you've been perfecting your ideal home theater for years, Home Theater Geeks is the definitive home theater podcast that will help you make the most of your entertainment space. You'll not only get expert tips and tricks from a host and guests who understand the mechanics of audio-visual equipment, but you'll also glean advice from real people who are building their dream systems right alongside you.

To join in on the fun, come and join us in Club TWiT. The Home Theater Geeks podcast is an ad-free experience exclusive to members of the club and is just one part of a full package of benefits you'll receive once you're inside. If you love all things tech, you'll be glad to know you're getting ad-free versions of all TWiT podcasts with your subscription.

Additionally, there are so many other members-only perks on the table, including a few other Club TWiT-exclusive podcasts (like Hands-On Mac, Hands-On Windows, and the Untitled Linux Show) and a members-only TWiT+ bonus feed, filled with outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage.

Access to Club TWiT costs only seven dollars each month for full, immediate access to all your perks. You can also listen to the ad-free audio version of Home Theater Geeks via Apple Podcasts Paid Subscriptions. No matter how you decide to join us, you'll have tons of fun while building a home theater system you love.