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ACI Learning

Explore everything ACI Learning has to offer and build your organization's protection and readiness with ITPro, AuditPro, Practice Labs, and their Learning Hubs. Visit GO.ACILEARNING.COM/TWIT to learn more. Use code TWIT30 to start today with a Standard or Premium Individual ITPro Membership and save 30%.


Get a free copy of the Barracuda report: 13 Email Threat Types to know about right now and you'll see how cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated every day and how you can build the best protection for your business, data, and people at barracuda.com/twit.


Get the password manager that offers a robust and cost-effective solution that can drastically increase your chances of staying safe online. Get started with a free trial of a Teams or Enterprise plan or try it for free across all devices as an individual user at bitwarden.com/twit.


Deliver your video on the network with the best throughput and global reach, making your content infinitely scalable. Go live in hours - not days. Learn more at cachefly.com.


Detect attackers on your network while avoiding irritating false alarms. Get the alerts that matter. For 10% off and a 60-day money-back guarantee, visit canary.tools/twit & enter TWIT in the "how did you hear about us" box.


When you need to get more out of your technology, Lenovo makes seamless productivity possible. CDW makes it powerful. Learn more at CDW.com/LenovoClient.


Decisions' no-code, rules-driven process automation software provides every tool needed to build custom workflows, empowering you to modernize legacy systems, ensure regulatory compliance, and renew the customer experience. Visit decisions.com/twit to learn more. 


Security professionals are undergoing the tedious and arduous task of manually collecting evidence. With Drata, say goodbye to the days of manual evidence collection and hello to automation. All done at DrataSpeed. Visit drata.com/twit to get a demo and 10% off implementation. 

Eight Sleep

Good sleep is the ultimate game changer and nature's best medicine. Go to eightsleep.com/twit and save $150 at checkout. Eight Sleep currently ships within the USA, Canada, and the UK.


Take back your internet privacy today! ExpressVPN is the world's leading VPN provider that lets you securely use the Internet without being tracked. For 3 extra months free with a 1-year package, go to expressvpn.com/twit.


Reclaim your privacy, boost productivity, and make email yours with Fastmail. Try it free for 30 days at fastmail.com/twit. Fastmail is also giving TWIT listeners a 15% discount on the first year when you sign today. 


Fortra: positive changemakers, and your relentless ally, providing peace of mind through every step of your cybersecurity journey. Here's to a stronger, simpler future for cybersecurity. Learn more at fortra.com


Meet your security goals without compromising your values by getting endpoint management that puts the user first. Visit kolide.com/twit to learn more and activate a free 14-day trial along with a goodie bag just for activating the free trial, no credit card required.


Make sure your customer contact data is up-to-date! Melissa is a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions. Get started today with one thousand records cleaned for free at Melissa.com/twit.

Mint Mobile

Switching to Mint Mobile's premium wireless service is the easiest way to save. Maximize your savings with plans starting at just 15 bucks a month, and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to mintmobile.com/twit


Miro is your team's visual platform to connect, collaborate, and create better together. Tap into a way to map processes, systems, and plans with the whole team and get your first 3 boards free to start creating your best work yet at Miro.com/podcast.


The new and recently updated TriCaster 2 Elite by NewTek is the most complete live production system on the planet. There's a TriCaster for every production including yours. Go to go.newtek.com/twit-tv where an interactive guide will advise you on which TriCaster is right for you.


Unlike other programs, Noom Weight uses a psychology-based approach to help people better understand their relationship with food and gives them the skills and knowledge they need to build long-lasting, positive habits. Sign up for your trial at noom.com/twit.


PlexTrac is the premier cybersecurity reporting and collaboration platform. Try PlexTrac free for one month and see how it can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your security team.  Go to PlexTrac.com/twit and claim your free month. 


Millions of the world's most successful brands trust Shopify to sell, ship, and process payments anywhere.  Go to shopify.com/twit for a one-dollar-per-month trial period to take your business to the next level today.


Sonic gives you every reason to switch! Better internet so you can do everything you love online, in less time with a better price. Visit Sonic.com to learn more.


Tanium unites Operations and Security teams with a single platform that identifies where all your IT data is, patches every device you own in seconds, and implements critical security controls all from a single pane of glass. Are you ready to protect your organization from cyber threats? Learn more at tanium.com/twit.

World Wide Technology

With an innovative culture, thousands of IT engineers, application developers, unmatched labs and integration centers for testing and deploying technology at scale, WWT helps customers bridge the gap between strategy and execution. To learn more visit wwt.com/twit.


ZipRecruiter's technology finds qualified candidates for your job and invites them to apply. Right now, you can try ZipRecruiter for FREE at ZipRecruiter.com/twit.


In the chaotic world of healthcare let Zocdoc be your trusted guide to find a quality doctor in a way that is surprisingly pain free. Go to zocdoc.com/twit and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. Start your search for a top-rated doctor. Many are available within 24 hours.