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To learn more about how to manage your privacy and AI compliance around the world or if you are looking for a Data Protection Officer go to 1bigthink.com.


1Password Extended Access Management cares about user experience and privacy, which means it can go places other tools can't - like personal and contractor devices. It ensures that every device is known and healthy and every login is protected. Check it out at 1password.com/twit

ACI Learning

ACI Learning

ITPro from ACI Learning makes training fun! Use code TWIT30 at checkout to save 30% on your first month or first year of ITPro training and learn more at GO.ACILEARNING.COM/TWIT


Get the password manager that offers a robust and cost-effective solution that can drastically increase your chances of staying safe online. Get started with a free trial of a Teams or Enterprise plan or try it for free across all devices as an individual user at bitwarden.com/twit.


Cachefly delivers rich media content 159% faster than other major CDNs. Join Cachefly, the world's fastest CDN. Learn how to get your first month free at cachefly.com/twit.

Thinkst Canary

Detect attackers on your network while avoiding irritating false alarms. Get the alerts that matter. For 10% off and a 60-day money-back guarantee, visit canary.tools/twit & enter TWIT in the "how did you hear about us" box.


Protect yourself by reducing the risk of fraud, spam, cybersecurity threats, and more by going to joindeleteme.com/twit and using code TWIT for 20% off.


Ecamm is the leading live streaming and video production studio built for Mac. Record or stream multi-camera video without worrying about editing!  Visit ecamm.com/twit (or use promo code TWIT at checkout) to get one month free when you subscribe to any of Ecamm's plans. 


Get the Video Smart Lock E330 today and enjoy keyless entry, long-lasting batteries, and more by searching "eufy Video Lock" on Amazon or visiting eufy.com.


Take back your internet privacy today! ExpressVPN is the world's leading VPN provider that lets you securely use the Internet without being tracked. For 3 extra months free with a 1-year package, go to expressvpn.com/twit.


Reclaim your privacy, boost productivity, and make email better with Fastmail. Try it free for 30 days and get 15% off your first year at fastmail.com/twit


Go to HP.com and search for the HP EliteBook 1040 G11 to learn more about their first commercial AI PC with an Intel Core Ultra Processor, designed with AI acceleration to empower your workforce and deliver exceptional performance, battery life, and world-class security.


IntouchCX is an advisor you can rely on and trust. Go to IntouchCX.com/twit and sign up for a free, no obligation consultation. IntouchCX will create a tailored Customer Support Strategy for AI and smart automation customized for your business.


Kolide is a device trust solution that ensures that if a device isn't secure, it can't access your apps. It's Zero Trust for Okta. Visit kolide.com/twit to watch a demo and see how it works.


Whether it's on a device or in the cloud, your business data is always on the move. Minimize risk, increase visibility, and ensure compliance with Lookout's unified platform by visiting lookout.com.


Make sure your customer contact data is up-to-date! Melissa is a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions. Get started today with one thousand records cleaned for free at Melissa.com/twit.

Mint Mobile

Switching to Mint Mobile's premium wireless service is the easiest way to save. Maximize your savings with plans starting at just 15 bucks a month, and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, go to mintmobile.com/twit

Mylio Photos

Mylio Photos is a smart and powerful system that lets you easily organize, edit, and manage years of important documents, photos, and videos in an offline library hosted on any device! Get your first month FREE, then pay $99 for your first year of Mylio Photos+ at mylio.com/twit.


NetSuite is the number one cloud financial system, streamlining accounting, HR, and more. Right now, download NetSuite's popular KPI Checklist, designed to give you consistently excellent performance - absolutely free, at NetSuite.com/TWIT.


Visit panoptica.app to get several key benefits for businesses, at any stage of cloud maturity, including: Advanced CNAPP, Multicloud compliance, end-to-end visualization, the ability to prioritize with precision and context, dynamic remediation, and increased efficiency with reduced overheads.



Your AI copywriter for podcast show notes, articles, social posts, and more. Streamline your podcast production with AI-powered tools for time-saving, high-quality content creation. Get 50% off your first month as a monthly subscriber or 5% off your first year as an annual subscriber by using our link.


Sonic gives you every reason to switch! Better internet so you can do everything you love online, in less time with a better price. Visit Sonic.com to learn more.


Let Stamps.com help you with ALL your mailing and shipping right from your computer. No need to leave your home or office. For a 4-week trial, plus free postage and a free digital scale, without any long-term commitment, go to stamps.com, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and enter code TWIT.



Drive podcast listens at an affordable cost. Advertise your trailer next to relevant content on our premium publisher network to help build audience and engagement at trailergram.co/?ref=twit.


Vanta automates compliance for SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more, saving you time and money. Vanta unifies your security program management. Our listeners get $1,000 off at vanta.com/securitynow.

Wix Studio

Wix Studio is the web platform offering the flexibility agencies and enterprises need to deliver bespoke sites - hyper-efficiently. Find out more about their advanced design capabilities at wix.com/studio.


ZipRecruiter's technology finds qualified candidates for your job and invites them to apply. Right now, you can try ZipRecruiter for FREE at ZipRecruiter.com/twit.


In the chaotic world of healthcare let Zocdoc be your trusted guide to find a quality doctor. Go to zocdoc.com/twit and download the Zocdoc app for FREE. Start your search for a top-rated doctor. Many are available within 24 hours.


Go to zscaler.com/zerotrustAI and learn more about Zscaler Zero Trust + AI to prevent ransomware and other AI attacks, while gaining the agility of the cloud.