Hands-On Windows

Hands-On Windows

Hosted by Paul Thurrott

Hands-On Windows, featuring Paul Thurrott, will help you adapt to the changes made in Windows 11. From visual tweaks to performance boosts Hands-On Windows will show you how to get the most out of your Windows 11 PC.

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New episodes every Thursday.

More about Hands-On Windows:

Do you want to access tips, tricks, and helpful advice so you can get more out of the most recent Windows OS?

Hands-On Windows is the newest addition to the This Week in Tech (TWiT) show lineup.

Hosted by Paul Thurrott, Hands-On Windows highlights great tips, tricks, and advice for working with Windows 11. Paul is our resident Microsoft and Windows OS expert. He delivers useful, pragmatic tips that will help you make the most out of your Windows experience.

In addition to being the official TWiT Windows expert, he is an award-winning technology journalist and blogger. He also co-hosts Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte. Whether you are new to Windows or a die-hard user, Hands-On Windows gives you valuable and useful information.

What to Expect During Each Episode

As an award-winning technology journalist, Paul knows how to keep things short and sweet. There are too many features and capabilities in Windows 11 to cover in a single episode, that is why Paul keeps Hands-On Windows concise and easy to digest.

He covers a few related tips and tricks during each episode, making it easy to follow along and even easier to implement the practices he teaches. While the episode length will vary, expect most to be around 10-15 minutes. You can listen to the audio version on the go or sit down and enjoy the full video experience by watching Paul in action.

Want to tweak your visual experience to make your monitor appear more vibrant? There is an episode for that. Are you a multi-tasker that wants to make your Windows 11-powered PC perform better? Paul covers this, too!

As the host of Hands-On Windows, Paul wants to deliver value for all of his listeners. That's why he addresses topics for users of all skill levels and backgrounds, from casual to busy professionals.

How to Listen

Paul publishes new episodes every Thursday. Hands-On Windows is part of our premium content offerings. And from time to time, we'll release episodes for free. You can check those out above or on your favorite podcatcher. If you'd like all the episodes, you can join Club TWiT.

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