This Week in Google 756

The Flaws of the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA)

The TWiT panel analyzed KOSA's major flaws, despite bipartisan support to protect children online.

TWiT Newsletter Feb 19 2024

TWiT's Latest: From Space Journeys to Club TWiT's Public Release!

Is the FTC Rightfully Going After Microsoft Due to Recent Gaming Layoffs?

The Windows Weekly hosts debate the new FTC vs Microsoft drama. Read More...

TWiG 755 Transcript

Club Shows Now Open to Everyone!

Our Club TWiT tech podcasts are going public! Read more

Google Pulls the Plug: The End of Third-Party Cookies and What it Means

Google's Chrome to end third-party cookie support, shaking up online ads. Privacy takes center stage in 2024! Read more...

Mozilla Firefox’s Big Uphill Battle

Can the Independent Browser Survive Against Big Tech?

The Future Through Apple Vision Pro

First-hand experience with Apple's Vision Pro headset and what the future holds for the device on MacBreak Weekly.

TWiT Newsletter Feb 12 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day from TWiT!