Steve Gibson and Ant Pruitt on Managing Internet Access for Kids

Managing internet access for children is a sensitive matter when trying to find the correct balance between what information children should have access to and when they should have access to it. Steve Gibson and Ant Pruitt share their response to a listener's email on the topic.

This Week in Google 743

Hosts Debate Implications of OpenAI CEO Drama

The Sam Altman and OpenAI shakeup has been an unprecedented story in tech leadership. The hosts of FLOSS Weekly share their thoughts on the story from the open-source perspective.

The OpenAI CEO Drama

They did not hire an Alt(ernate) Man for the job!

TWiT Newsletter Nov 27 2023

Live Feed Updates & A Pro Max Review

Embracing a New Chapter

Tech Break bids adieu! On December 22nd, we're returning to a back-to-basics approach. Read more...

TWiET: How to Boost User Experiences in DevOps

Jenna Bilotta of LaunchDarkly joins the TWiET hosts to discuss enterprise DevOps and tools available to developers.

TWiT: Strengthening Community Engagement

Our round-the-clock livestream is signing off, yet our dedication stays unwavering. Dive into our newly reimagined Club TWiT on Discord and YouTube Live Streaming options. Follow for the latest updates and join our thrilling journey of evolution.

TWiT Newsletter Nov 20 2023

The New TWiT Live, Election Disinformation and More!