This Week in Enterprise Tech

This Week in Enterprise Tech

This Week in Enterprise Tech explores the complex, cutting edge world of enterprise technology. Hosted by Lou Maresca, TWiET features IT professionals explaining the ins and outs of enterprise solutions.

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.

More about This Week in Enterprise Tech:

Explore the complex, cutting-edge world of the enterprise with This Week in Enterprise Tech, a must-listen podcast for the forward-thinking and security-minded IT professional. Featuring the latest enterprise news; and interviews with noteworthy industry insiders, this weekly show laser-focuses on issues and solutions that matter. Hosted by powerhouse enterprise pros Louis Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curt Franklin, This Week in Enterprise Tech (TWiET) is the premier podcast for information technology pros and devoted enthusiasts. TWiET records every Friday at 4:30 p.m. ET / 1:30 p.m. PT and hits all major podcast apps within 12 hours.

Topics Covered on this Technology Podcast

No enterprise IT topic is left unturned on This Week in Enterprise Technology. From data security and malware to cryptocurrency, authentication, automation with AI, cloud and hybrid networks, remote work, and more. The podcast delves into technology issues affecting private and public organizations.

TWiET is unique in that all the hosts have real-world experience with enterprise IT technology while chatting with enterprise guests that vary from startups to Fortune 100. The podcast is appropriate for audiences of all experience levels, including those just trying to break into the world of enterprise IT all the way up to C-Suite managers looking for insight into policy changes coming in the industry.

Like most TWiT shows, TWiET is recorded live and streamed at TWiT Live. The "live" format works especially well in that the audience chat room attracts real-world practitioners of the enterprise IT world who don't seem to have a problem with sharing their brand of snark. Comments in the chat room are woven into the conversation with guests. There have certainly been some real doozies over the last eight years and 400+ episodes with viewers on every continent. The show has even had confirmation of an audience download at McMurdo Sound Scientific Research station in Antarctica at one time. (It was a fellow InteropNET engineer, Brian says.)

An Unconventional Beginning of the Enterprise IT Podcast

This Week in Enterprise Tech has a unique start like no other.

Fr. Robert "Padre" Ballecer, SJ, is a Jesuit Priest with the Roman Catholic Church, which he describes as the world's largest corporation and the world's largest consumer of IT goods. On April 15th, 2012, Padre was in the TWiT chat room as an audience member and mentioned to Leo that he had an enterprise background. That led Leo to invite Padre on This Week in Tech as a guest. Padre and Brian Chee rushed over from the InteropNET HotStage Facility (housing the world's largest mobile network in a warehouse in Belmont, CA). On the episode, Leo and Padre bantered about a possible enterprise podcast.

TWiET debuted on the TWiT network on July 16, 2012, with its first episode hosted by Father Robert, Brian, Mary Jo Foley, and Curt Franklin.

A Tech Podcast by the IT Pro for the IT Pro

Currently, Louis Maresca, Brian "Cheebert" Chee, Curt Franklin, and Oliver Rist host the podcast.

Lou first appeared on This Week and Enterprise Tech as a guest in 2012, became a recurring co-host, and eventually, regular host. He is an expert engineer, software architect, and a polyglot programmer who has been developing enterprise and consumer software for over two decades. Lou has been with Microsoft Corporation for nearly two decades as a software engineer and architect. He is a well-known speaker at worldwide technology conferences such as Teched, Ignite, Build, Convergence, CES, Linux Foundation Conferences, and more.

Brian is a retired IT Specialist for the General Services Administration Office of Information Security who designed and implemented secure data, video, and voice communications systems. He is enjoying his second retirement as a communications researcher at the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST). Brian was one of the first ten Certified Netware Instructors in the world while running technical support for a regional distribution company in Honolulu; he was directly involved with building some of the early Netware courseware. He also served on the board for the Coalition for Competitive Communications in Hawaii and helped to destroy the Hawaii Intra-LATA communications monopoly in Hawaii a full year before it was quashed at the federal level. For close to 15 years, his lab at the University of Hawaii was InfoWorld Magazine's biggest lab. With editors like Wayne Rash, Oliver Rist, and many others, Brian consistently published some of the most extensive competitive product comparisons in the industry.

Curt is a senior analyst in the cybersecurity group at Omdia, the research arm of Informa. His primary focus areas are enterprise security management and DevSecOps, with an eye on threat analysis and mitigation. Curt has been writing about technologies and products in computing and networking since the early 1980s and has contributed to numerous technology-industry publications. He has also co-authored three books and is a frequent speaker at computer and networking industry conferences across North America and Europe.
Curt previously ran Client Server Labs and designed some of the biggest enterprise systems bake-offs at the time. Brian joined Curt when at Communications Week, which became Internet Week, doing "Shootouts," massive comparative product reviews in Brian's lab at the University of Hawaii. Brian and Curt went on to InfoWorld Magazine and proceeded to set records on the world's largest enterprise IT comparative reviews that changed the way enterprise IT manufacturers reported performance statistics. Their basic modus operandi was to create ginormous simulations of synthetic networking traffic based upon real-world statistics harvested from our friends at medium to large enterprises. At one point, they simulated the kinds of traffic one might find crossing the continental United States.

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