Louis Maresca

Louis Maresca has been a leader in the software and services industry for over two decades, heading up some of the largest and most successful technology organizations in the market. He is the architect and creator of products like Server-Side sync and the Office Scripts sync API.

Louis is currently an engineering leader at Microsoft in the Office group focusing on Office as a platform, developing scalable microservices to empower customers to automate their workflows. Louis is a highly energetic, technical, and thoughtful executive leader. He can recruit like a startup and builds diverse, loyal engineering teams. He also has an expert in business development and startup culture.

As a professional electrical engineer and software engineer, Louis has experienced a diverse set of global companies like the Intel Corporation, Dana Corporation, Autodesk, Anheuser-Busch, and Thomson Reuters. Louis is an expert in cloud services and client platform software architecture and development, with numerous patents and global awards for his work in the field.

In 2012 Louis debuted on This Week and Enterprise Tech (TWiET), taking the helm as host in 2017. He is also an occasional guest on TWiT throughout the year. In 2014 Louis helped introduce TWiT's Coding 101 podcast to the public as a co-host and expert in programming languages to help mentor the audience into becoming professional developers.

Sneakers is Lou's favorite movie, and he is not swayed by the fact they were able to beat voice-based biometrics with a tape recorder.