MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jan 29th 2008

MacBreak Weekly 75

MacHeist Replies

Apple reports record earnings then stock tanks, Philip Ryu of MacHeist and Andrew Welch of Ambrosia give counterpoints to MacHeist discussion, and more...

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Category: News
  • Wall Street to Apple=Get Bent. Wall Street Tank's Apple Stock after Apple announces the best quarter in Apple history!
  • Scott is no longer an Apple shareholder and actually sold his stock back when it was $199! (and still complains about not quite getting the ultimate top-end price)
  • Macheist! The Head of Macheist is on MBW to discuss the controversy, by the end of the conversation, the whole thing has been resolved, and the truth has been uncovered
  • Andrew Welch (The MacBreak Weekly Picks King!) pops in, to discuss Macheist, give us the scoop on a new Snapz Pro X product, and recieves stories from panel members about "using Ambrosia Software products for ever".
  • Twelvereo! The Apple 12 Inch Laptop discussion returns! and delves into the OLPC XO laptop and the Asus EEE PC (AsusEEE?) Laptop, as well as nano sized computing in general.
  • Leo's iPhone takes itself out of airplane mode, and credits "Stephen D" for setting up a custom TWiT iPhone Webclip icon, so if you bookmark the TWiT site on your iPhone, you will get a nice icon on your iPhone screen.
  • We all love "the" twitter (.com)

Aduible Pick: Michael Palin Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years (read by Michael Palin)


  • Scott Bourne: Color Efex Pro for Adobe Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements) From $99.95-$299.95
  • Alex Lindsay: Bento, from Filemaker inc. For an iWorkish simple, good looking database (Don't get the concept?, click here and visit the website). For $50
  • Leo Laporte: Fluid. Create desktop netapps from your web-apps. For FREE
  • Andy Ihnatko: The Logitech Harmony One, universal remote, it is so awesome and powerful, it even has built in tech support that works. For 249.99 (Other, more inexpensive Logitech Harmony remotes are also available with most of the One's functionality)
  • Merlin Mann: Airfoil (from Rogue Amoeba), now with Video and incredible Airtunes control. For $25
  • Shash (Show Notes Writer Pick): RapidWeaver, a truly awesome WYSWYG website creation.

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