MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jan 22nd 2008

MacBreak Weekly 74

Hot Lips and Hawkeye

A look back at Macworld, Office spreads out, MacHeist, .Mac future bright and cloudy, certain gestures and more...

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Guests: Rich Siegel
Category: News
  • Macworld has come, talked a lot about air, left the building, but there is still an excellent set of topics up the MBW sleeve.
  • Macheist-Amazing bundle! So much software, even vector designer. Why is the controversy still here? It's the second time round so the developers wen't along with it, and they are gaining exposure.
  • Rich Segel (Of Bare Bones Software), as a developer, disagrees with bundle participation, due to the following:
  1. Bundle owners have to be supported, despite paying a lot less to the developer, this could potentially make a loss for the developer
  2. Bundle devalue's software, so people see the software as cheap
  • Rich dismisses the arguements related to selling-unsuported version's or the increase in brand awareness. Rich also brings up the Malc0r incident's, which were FAKE attack's and takedown's on websites. Rich also urges developer's to not use Macheist or bundle's as a way to get new software off the ground.
  • Andy disagrees with Rich, and say's that developers will earn back their money with brand loyalty and upgrades
  • .Mac Prognostication: .Mac is a sleeping giant, big functionality is (or at least should be) on the way, such as .mac being your portable-home-directory host, back-up centre, and central master copy, with your devices merely being functional powerhouse slave drives- syncing EVERYTHING to .mac
  • Based on the fact that intel manufactured a special Apple-mini-core2duo chip for the Macbook Air, Andy believes that Intel went along with it because the macbook air is just the start, and that the AMC2D (Apple mini core 2 duo) could be placed in more and more of Apple small products.
  • Merlin has an original 1995/6 "BBedit doesn't suck" T-shirt!
  • Andy Ihantko and Co will wait for Merlin and Leo at the pearly gates when the time comes.
  • Alcatraz talk!

Audible Pick: "Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman" The Memoirs of a great physicist (worked for the Manhattan Project): From Andy Ihnatko

Picks, All Picks are FREE (Or 0/700 of an Alex) This Week:

Tooble, a youtube downloader for Mac (As seen in Macworld's "Tiny Town", the home of independent developers): From Andy Ihnatko

Transmission, a light free open source, Mac Bit-torrent Client, Growl Enabled, with (unlike manny open source pieces of software) a great looking user interface: From Merlin Mann

Pownce (Now Public), a great slick twitter alternative (with true Adobe Air Pownce App), with File Sharing: From Leo Laporte

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