Alex Lindsay

Alex Lindsay is a regular contributor to MacBreak Weekly on the TWiT network. Lindsay currently resides in Petaluma, California, USA.


Alex is Head Of Operations at 090 Media. He founded Pixel Corps and has been involved with animation and graphics design for nearly 20 years. He has lots of experience in digital graphics which includes print, real-time graphics, multimedia titles, animation, television, and film. He's spent some time in production of movies, and teaching at the academy of art and the San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Programs.

MacBreak Weekly

Alex Lindsay's main involvement with the TWiT network is on MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte and Andy Ihnatko, where every week they talk about the news inside of Apple and anything else that is relevant to Apple. It is one of the most popular shows on the TWiT network. The show is quite informal and is always informative.

Other Work

  • This Week in Photography
  • This Week in Media
  • MacBreak

Other Appearances

He has been on The Lab with Leo Laporte on G4 in Canada and This Week in Tech on the TWiT network.


On MacBreak Weekly the panel refer to the sum of $700 (this amount being the official price for the current full version of Adobe's Photoshop) as "an Alex" after Lindsay consistently chose expensive products for his pick of the week.


MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

MacBreak Weekly

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