MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Feb 5th 2008

MacBreak Weekly 76


Apple announces a 16GB iPhone and a 32GB iPod Touch, Microsoft-Yahoo, a new Apple IIc and more...
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Guests: Dan Budiac
Category: News
  • A brand new Apple IIc! That's right, we talk to the guy who spend more than two THOUSAND dollars to get a classic computer from the old-days.
  • We remember how Apple once held an event "Apple II Forever", and then killed this thing 4 years later: Conclusion, "forever" means 4 years.
  • "There's a guy, who's made a backpack out of a Mac SE"
  • Nostalgia for the old games
  • New Apple Product releases!
  • A 32GB iPod Touch (Leo bought one, watch out for the "64GB, super awesome, Makes your toast for you" version, coming out as soon as Leo's ships!)
  • a 16GB iPhone (Scott's source is proven correct!)
  • Why didn't we here about this at Macworld? Seriously, this an announcement perfect for the keynote
  • We discuss the Microsoft-Yahoo Merger
  • Leo get's a call from Microsoft regarding his Xbox 360 (3 Rings of death, usual story)
  • We discuss random mac nostalgia while Leo is on the phone
  • Leo comes back, more Microhoo! Talk, and then....

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