MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Apr 3rd 2007

MacBreak Weekly 36

The Button Hook Boys

More on the EMI deal, the EU after Apple, and a backpack made of an old Mac SE...

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Category: News

Thanks to John Foster, once again, for our show notes:

  • Talkshoe and the Street Sheet is in our future.
  • What will you complain about now? A two tierpricing system? Later Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Grubar has some thoughts. Shipping later.
  • Buy the iPod that John Kerry didn't want. Shipping isn't included in the final price
  • Google Desktop has some sweet features. Now shipping.
  • IRC? Who still uses IRC.
  • Jobs says video will never be unDRM'd. As movies have always been DRM'd.
  • Nothing else happened this week. No new Mac. No Octo. Check the Buyers Guide first.
  • Drinks on the roof. Stand by while they finish building it.
  • Baseball multi-watcher works on Mac's this year! Go Giants!
  • Escher graphics engine drives the next version of Office for Mac. Shipping later.
  • People that use 3x5 cards for presentations.
  • Freaking Safari crashes all the time for whatever reason. New version shipping later.
  • Beatles shipping later.
  • MailSmith still doesn't do IMAP.
  • Mac SE Backpack. Dork.
  • Speed up H.264 with a USB thingy. Shipping to Europe only.
  • USB 2.0 speeds are plenty fast enough.
  • ON2 video is pretty.

Picks of the Week

  • Andy ran out of disk space and found out where it went by running Omni Disk Sweeper. Ships for free.
  • Scott just bought a new Mac (D'oh!) but it didn't come with the latest Graphic Converter. Universal version now shipping.
  • Photoshop CS3 and all it's brothers not shipping until later. Who uses Fireworks?
  • OmniGraffle has a mind map feature.
  • GIMP runs on Mac but why would you want to?
  • Alex is now warning you about Desktop Tower Defense. Told you. If you play log your score to the MBW group. Sound effects are from Lemmings.
  • Leo is process reviewing iGTD.
  • Merlin watches Battle Star using VLC.

John recommends these Onions.

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