MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Apr 2nd 2007

MacBreak Weekly 35

Fixing A Hole

A special edition discussing the Apple EMI announcement...

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Guests: John Gruber
Category: News

A special edition discussing the Apple EMI announcement. Look for our regular weekly MBW on Tuesday as usual.

  • Apple and EMI have announced DRM-free music at 256kbps AAC for $1.29 beginning in May.
  • Jobs believes that by years' end, half of the 5 million track iTunes catalog will be available DRM free.
  • Read a transcript of the Q&A at the press event with Steve Jobs and EMI chief Eric Nicoli.
  • You will be able to upgrade your library to DRM-free and higher quality music in the next version of iTunes.
  • Take a look at EMI's music catalogue.
  • EMI has audio available of the press event.
  • Also check out pictures from the press event.
  • The RIAA is not fond of used CD stores.
  • When asked about The Beatles in iTunes, EMI stated that they are working on it. Read the Q&A transcript.

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