MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Apr 11th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 37

Kung Fu Grippe

Scott gets hit with the Leo effect, Apple sells the 100,000,000th iPod, and our software picks...
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Show notes courtesy, once again, of the indefatigable John Foster...

CB lingo. Kung Foo Grippe. Wow. It's the URL dropping show! The 5ives stuff to pimp besides your ride.

Told all you all that Scott bought exactly the machine he wanted. The Octo doesn't run ProTools.

Merlin said monotize. Why does that word look wrong?

The Dell vs. the Apple display debate. Dang. Why wasn't I on the show? I could have added lots. I reviewed both of these when I was writing reviews for MacHome (RIP). The display that Merlin has is the Dell 2405. My reviews actually got the Dell guys to change the 2007 and the 2407 significantly.

DealRAM will help you find 14G of RAM.

Rumblings about the new CS3. I think the lock step approach for the Adobe products will be their undoing.

Dreamweaver has it's place. It's great for solving the HTML problems because you can click on the problem area and it will show you where that is in the code.

iTunes to offer a subscription service in the next six months?

100% of teenagers will have an iPhone in the Leo household. June 11 is the rumored day.

Nokia N95! 10 bucks buys you directions.

The Kernal Panic screen saver is funny.

That's how you pronounce Jaiku.

I know how to sink any phone.

Fring. It's just fun to say. Phone Scoop. My eyes glaze over.

The Stikkit QuickSilver you got chocolate in my peanut butter.


100,000,000 is a lot of iPods. The Walkman family sold 350,000,000. Now it's on your TV.

New I'm a Mac I'm a PC verts. Both are funny.

Because waiting for 2.0 is boring there's a bounty on making a USB external drive work.

WWDC. June 11, 2007.

12" PowerBooks go for almost what they sold for originally.

You can get a BlueRay drive for any PowerBook as an upgrade. The BlueRay disc sales are surprising low.

Old stuff. CED.

Art from the The 5th Element.

picks of the week

Leo makes OS X more like OS 9 with Sticky Windows.

Scott made his "Official Bikini Inspector" cards with Business Card Composer.

Merlin didn't know that UberCaster costs 80 bucks. However, Text Expander knows Merlins phone number.

No MBW next week. Lots of people will be in Vegas for NAB. Be sure to listen to TWiM for Apple and all things media creation coverage.

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