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Happy Women's History Month!

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Space Enthusiasts! Join Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik in a captivating conversation with planetary scientist Pascal Lee, as they unveil a monumental Martian discovery - a colossal volcano that remained hidden since Mariner 9's days. This episode offers an enthralling look into how this volcanic behemoth was unearthed, shedding light on Mars' geologic mysteries and the quest for extraterrestrial life. If the enigmatic world of Mars and the frontiers of space exploration fascinate you, don't miss this episode. Subscribe and download now for this and more cosmic revelations. Your journey through the stars begins here: Watch the Full Episode.

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Optimizing Our Digital Future

Listeners, don't miss insightful discussions on TikTok threats in the US, the fallout from a major healthcare hack, the EU's new AI Act, and keeping the Surface Duo alive on Tech News Weekly. Hosts Mikah Sargent and Amanda Silberling lead conversations with experts analyzing the week's top stories.

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    Explore Linux from Wubuntu to FUSE.
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  2. Hands-On Mac 124: Master Your Mac
    Demystifying Mac's Launch Agents & Daemons.
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  3. Hands-On Windows 82: Folding PC Era
    Reviewing Lenovo's Foldable PC Future.
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  4. Home Theater Geeks 424: Dune Part 2 Review
    Scott's take on Dune Part 2's cinematic glory.
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  5. iOS Today 694: Organize with iOS
    Best iOS list-making apps reviewed.
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"All hail the great explorer of Mars!"

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