Untitled Linux Show

Mar 17th 2024

Untitled Linux Show 143

It Works Automagically

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett
Co-Hosted by Rob Campbell, Jeff Massie

Distros, Desktops, and FUSE

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Category: News

This week we hop from Wubuntu to Cosmic to Ubuntu LTS, and cover NVMe over TCP, continuous profiling, Pipewire cameras, and Krita. There's a couple new Open Source code drops, and finally FUSE lands a killer speedup for kernel 6.9. We had a quick roundtable about the killer features of our favorite desktops, and then the tips were all about filesystems and disk management, with cfdisk looking great, a whole list of disk cloning tools to choose from, and how to use pvresize to continue our task of resizing a VMs hard drive. The show notes are at https://bit.ly/3PoiA4s and have a great week!

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