Tech News Weekly

Mar 14th 2024

Tech News Weekly 328

Unraveling the Eu’s AI Act

TikTok’s Fate, Healthcare Hack, Surface Duo’s Revival

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Guests: Emilia David
Category: News

The ongoing concerns and legislation around TikTok in the US, the BlackCat ransomware attack on Change Healthcare, the EU's newly passed AI Act, and the current state of Microsoft's Surface Duo folding phone.

  • TikTok’s Potential Ban and Creators’ Response: TechCrunch’s Amanda Silberling shares insights on TikTok's looming ban in the U.S., highlighting creators' mixed reactions, ranging from active lobbying to uncertainty about national security implications. The debate extends to the political theater surrounding the ban, especially in an election year, and the lack of concrete evidence against TikTok's operations in the U.S.
  • Ransomware Attack on Change Healthcare: Mikah Sargent discusses the severe implications of the ransomware attack on Change Healthcare, underlining the vulnerability of the U.S. healthcare system due to centralization. The conversation sheds light on the challenges healthcare providers face, from halted operations to delayed payments, and sparks a discussion on the need for antitrust oversight and comprehensive privacy legislation.
  • EU’s AI Regulation Act: Emilia David from The Verge delves into the EU's groundbreaking AI Act, explaining its scope, the amendments it underwent, and its potential as a model for AI regulation worldwide. The act aims to ensure AI systems' safety and ethical use, with provisions for law enforcement exceptions and guidelines for companies operating in the EU.
  • Microsoft Surface Duo’s Lack of Updates and Community Efforts to Keep it Alive: Window Central’s Zac Bowden brings to the forefront the passionate community working to rejuvenate the Microsoft Surface Duo. He discusses custom developments like Windows on ARM for the Surface Duo and a custom Android ROM, showcasing the device's unique dual-screen productivity advantages and the challenges of maintaining its relevance.

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