Amanda Silberling

Amanda Silberling is a senior culture writer at TechCrunch. Some of her stories are about serious things, like the impact of government regulation on internet privacy; and some of her stories are about even more serious things, like how influencer dogs do their taxes.

She is the co-host of Wow If True, a podcast about internet culture, alongside science fiction author Isabel J. Kim. Before TechCrunch, she freelanced for publications like Polygon, MTV, Business Insider, NPR, and the AV Club, and in the past, she worked as a grassroots organizer, museum educator, and film festival coordinator. She holds a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania and served as a Princeton in Asia Fellow in Laos.

When she's not posting bad jokes on the internet, you can find her reading a book, making pottery, or playing softball on a team called "The Hamentashen," which is the best name in sports.