Accessing TWiT Content While Using Ad Blockers

At TWiT, we've always respected you, our audience, and our privacy policy reflects it. Over the years, we’ve adapted and expanded as other podcasts have come and gone. We continue to look at ways to understand audience needs while increasing our worth to advertisers.

In 2020, we began working with the analytics and attribution firms Chartable and Podsights while teaming up with Megaphone for dynamically inserted ads. However, the domains from these companies are sometimes added to ad blocker lists and this would sometimes prevent you from listening to or viewing our podcasts.

To continue providing podcasts free to you, ad tech and dynamically inserted ads are necessary tools for TWiT. We respectfully ask that you include the following domains to ad blocker approved lists:

  • (TWiT)
  • (CacheFly)
  • (Chartable)
  • (Podsights)
  • (Megaphone)

These services won't interfere with your listening or viewing experience and we do not track any personally identifiable listener information.

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