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TWiT Podcasts Add Dynamically Inserted Ads Through Megaphone

Audio listeners of TWiT podcasts may have noticed dynamically inserted ads in some of our shows. 

After a few months of testing, TWiT is now officially in partnership with Megaphone, an ad-insertion service. The service inserts pre-recorded ads into some of our podcasts to bolster ad support. These ads currently aren’t read by Leo Laporte or any other TWiT host. Some will be in the future. The audio ads are inserted dynamically upon podcast download. 

The service is for TWiT’s audio podcasts only. You won’t see Megaphone’s inserted ads in our video shows. Megaphone will supplement direct ad sales, and allow TWiT to continue to deliver podcasts free to listeners. 

Megaphone is a podcast technology company that provides hosting and ad-insertion capabilities for publishers and targeted ad sales for brand partners.


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