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Support TWiT by Whitelisting Chartable, Podsights, and Megaphone

In 2020, we began working with the analytics and attribution firm Chartable, testing Podsights, and teaming up with Megaphone for dynamically inserted ads. 

To continue providing podcasts free to you, ad tech and dynamically inserted ads are necessary tools for TWiT. We respectfully ask that you include the following domains to ad blocker approved lists:

  • (TWiT)
  • (Chartable)
  • (Podsights)
  • (Megaphone)

These services won't interfere with your listening experience.

Chartable provides audience analytics that will help us grow while standing behind a respectful privacy policy. Chartable allows us to verify unique downloads of each of our podcasts — data we can use to continue to improve our content and listener experience. What Chartable doesn't do is share detailed audience data nor IP addresses with our advertisers. And sticking with our longstanding policy, we don’t track any personally identifiable listener information. Read more about how Chartable works in our past blog post here.

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