MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Apr 25th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 38

The Homophonous Kumquat

iPhone vs. Leopard, Apple posts quarterly gains, and Fred Anderson rats out Steve Jobs...
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Category: News

Thanks to John Foster, as always, for the show notes:

iPhone blah, blah, blah.

AT&T leaks about the iPhone.

The Perfect Thing.

I'm holding my breath.

MacUser talked with Merlin.

SlashDot remembers the first iPod.

Speaking of sucking.

Zero Day Exploit wins $10K. Link is missing.

Ubunto. EMACS. vim.

Percents are up!

A Zune does subscriptions now, no waiting. No Zune phone anytime soon though.

Mmmmm... iMix!

Fred pays 3.5 back then points a finger. But Steve has a posse.

All about average.

Tab has been around a long time.

I eat Brainz tags the untagged.

I'm lost too.

New HandBrake is out.

Picks of the Week

Alex was saved by CCC.

Scott is playing around on a mAudio KeyStation 49.

Leo has used Salling Clicker for a long time. But doesn't work with Sprint phones, nor a Nokia 93 or a 95.

Merlin counts to 3. Unison not Unison. Panic shipped Coda not Coda. MacroPolo does Location Manager like OS 9.

Play the whole summer for 50 bucks.


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