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May 1st 2007

MacBreak Weekly 39


iPhone pictures, Steve Jobs pronouncements, and old technology we still love...
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Show notes courtesy John Foster (and they're getting weirder and weirder)...

White above me. #EBEBEB

iPhone flicks were picked off because EXIF #0xA500 is a dead giveaway.

The greenish cast #ACD373?

New game from EA is going to be called "The Sims Chip."

Weasel. Usually colored #A67C51.


700K fix updates the firmware in the battery. There's a dumb brain inside the battery. It keeps track of how many times it been charged, power profiles and overall use.

Three things about any exploit not specific to Macs:

  1. You need a Mac connected directly to an internet connection with a real IP address to be exploited from an random outsider. Even the dumbest oldest router will protect you from an attack.
  2. The attacker will have to scan zillions of IP addresses to find your Mac. And if you are like most people you don't keep it on all the time. Lots of DSL connections use a pool of IP addresses and your connection might automatically drop after a few minutes, The randomness of this totally increases the odds of being exploited to lottery levels.
  3. These things get patched pretty quickly. There was an Apache exploit that PWND! lots of web servers in 1999. The patch was out in less then 24 hours after the hole was found. It took Apple 10 days to get the exploit with QuickTime fixed. Seems to me that Windows has enough problems that Apple can take it's time patching this issue.

Speaking of May Day. Soviet National Anthem.

The JoCo song is not safe for the kids thus now link. Speaking of outdoor bleeping. BRB. The GFC is ring ringing.... [pause] it's a tech support call. grrr. [play] ....back. Not outdoor bleeping anytime soon.

Steve is doing WWDC. Again.

More iPhone. Not shipping at 11 now. Could be anytime. Roll your 20 sided die three times, sum the results and divide by 3 then add 11.

OpenMoKu Phone.

It's not my phone ringing and I herby dub this the iPhoneBreak Rerun Show....

No more Zune jokes, please. It's actually it's a decent MP3 player. And it has a subscription mode.

We've had the OS X on the iPhone discussion already. Can this get tabled until the thing ships and there's an SDK on

It's just like last week...

Slashdot remembers the first iPod.

The Perfect Thing

...deja vu all over again. Channeling Bill the Cat: ack. /lastweek

Skipping forward to the 51 minute mark. It's the "old but still good" discussion.

Andy talks about a WinCE device. Scott exudes about a Tandy 100. Then at 58:45 there is unzipping sounds. And Leo whips it out. A Newton that is.

Word of warning about old Newtons. You MUST take the batteries out of them when storing for a long period of time as they might leak and ruin the Newton.

Old stuff lasts until 1:04:00.

Picks of the Week

Merlin Teleports screens with a twitch of his mouse.

Comic fonts that don't suck like Comic Sans are from >Comic Book Fonts. For example Hedge Backwards which also has another link.

Leo says that School House rocks.

Scott has it made in the NetShade.

PXC50 is the secret code that lets you join the Pixel Corps for the entire summer.

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