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Feb 21st 2007

MacBreak Weekly 30

JoCo, Yoko, and other ratholes...

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Category: News

JoCo, Yoko, and other ratholes...

  • is now up!
  • The Wall Street Journal chronicled the birth of the iPhone.
  • There is a fake Cingular iPhone advertisement circulating.
  • The iPhone ringtone is available for download.
  • Play the iPhone ringtone on your own with the sheet music.
  • Apple iPhone Review has listed supposed rate plans for the device.
  • Both Leo and Merlin have gotten their hands on the new Airport Extreme.
  • Cringely thinks that the 40gb drive in the Apple TV is for P2P.
  • According to AppleInsider, Apple may re-enterthe sub-notebook market.
  • Will Apple revamp the Mac Pro?
  • The MacRumors buyer's guide tells you to hold off on the Mac Pro and iMac.
  • Steve Jobs blasted teacher unions and the textbook industry.
  • The Gear Media Tech conference is coming up from March 28-30. Learn everything about podcasting: register now!
  • XM and Sirius have disclosed plans to merge.
  • Help Macbreak set up a tumblelog using Ozimodo.
  • is a great example of a tumblelog.


  • Alex/Leo: Joost for the Mac
  • Scott: The Logitech S530 for the Mac
  • Merlin: MAMP - the one-click solution for setting up a personal web server.

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