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Feb 27th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 31

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Apple and Cisco kiss and make up, no AppleTV for you, and backstage with MJ...

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Apple and Cisco kiss and make up, no AppleTV for you, and backstage with MJ...

Apple Phone Show. 1, 2, 3 reasons why it's called that.

The Merlin Show!

Zillions of podcasts!

And we're out...

Apple/Cisco settlement over the iPhone trademark. Blah, blah, blah, branding.

Hello!?! Clearances for all those stars must've been a pain. Half are dead so it's gotta be like just one call.

Speaking of ghosts... Ms Pac-Man is on the iPod!

Children of Men is an amazing movie.

I am Spartacus! Err... actually I'm a 20th Anniversary Mac.

AppleTV is experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by until March.

Leopard. First half. First quarter. Whatever it takes.

MediaFork is HandBrake unforked.

iSquint. ffmpeg. Geeky. But VisualHub turns whatever into whatever with 1 click!

HeyWatch converts anything to anything in a web browser as long as it's shorter then 10 minutes. Pay up for 25 minutes.

xgrid... future rathole.

uVerse. IPtv talk coming up in TWiM later this week.

Some guy has a 20 buck CC FlashPlayer. BlipTV does stuff sooooo much better then YouTube.

The Rat Hole talkin' blues song.

At this point it's a morning zoo. Blah, blah, blah. We need this jorb.

That Tech Guy on KGO 810 on your bay area AM dial. And some other frequency in Eau Clair Wisconsin. (Shout out to H! John's sister who lives there.)

DisplayEater contained an idle threat from the developer. Developer thrown under a bus just in case and will never type make, make install ever again.

Parallels has one more update. Check the forums.

Blue pill. Hypervisor. On and on and on. Undetectable something or other. Security Now topic. Faded out because it's Windows chatter. Scott's voice in my head is chiming on about about if I wanna and 400 bucks....

Speaking of cheap! The cheap version of Vista on Parallels doesn't play nice with it's EULA. Don't ask don't tell. Shhh... Who's gonna know?

picks of the week

Scott ran out of disk space and ran Monolingual to get about 4% of his hard drive back (aka 4 more gigs). YMMV. Read the directions! Don't D-E-L-E-T-E English as it's the foundation of OS X. Or use Macaroni instead as it does a smarter delete. But most important DO NOT DELETE any keyboard files!!!

RM -R .... don't go typing that in the command line even though it doesn't totally exterminate.

0 Alex or a 2 Alex. FCP 5.1.4 fixes stuff. Available from the Software Updater.

Merlin drew on his screen with this cool beta called Skitch from and then rolled his own RSS feed with Feeder from Reinvented Software.

A Slife of Life is a new thing.

Leo is tumbling around with at Copy paste it kids.

And then MBW wanders off into the shortest after show ever. It was raining.

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