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Feb 16th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 29

The New Bourne Identity

Could Apple become a music publisher? Sting uses Macs. Vista is expensive on Parallels and Scott is not in San Francisco.
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Category: News

Genesis is on tour. Police on tour. Oyster Head. Neal Peart.


RIAA responds to Jobs. More talk about this letter.

The new mix tape.

Bare Naked Ladies have a thumb drive.

John Vanderslice isn't doing print. Jonathan Coulton is making way more than $1500. Here's some back story.

Sony Root Kit.


WWDC = World Wide Developer Conference. June 11-15 in SF, CA.

iPhone games. They might be cool.

Nanny laws would stop this kind of behavior.

MacGyver your way out of this rat hole.

Vista Home cannot run on Parallels because the EULA forbids virtualization.

That bracket for a MacBook replacing a DVD with a hard drive.

picks of the Week

After playing with Mountain Tanks from Battery Acid Games John is recording his podcasts with Boom Recorder which records up to ten tracks at time.

After moving to San Francisco, Scott armed himself with a bean bag called OmniPod. Which is a questionable weapon. But because of its built-in camera tripod mount it's useful for protection against hand noise and the SF tripod police. Supports cameras, recorders and anything else with that 1/4 screw. Not available at Jeffrey's Toys.

Merlin's Airport Extreme isn't fast. But the configuration software is really cool. And has one less port then he first thought. It look promising! KMA!

Alex is making logs with Movie Logger.

GMT is a 3 day seminar about video and podcasting.

Newest Endeavors....

Beer School!

Apple Phone Show.

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