MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Feb 6th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 28


Apple's missing Super Bowl spots, Bill Gates's hissy fit, and our software picks of the week...

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Category: News

Twitter. Ceiling cat.

Nothing happened at the soup or bowl. No yellow submarine. Therefore no link to the soup or bowl fakevert.

Cingular data plan.


Mylo does Skype and Yahoo IM.

Cell phones need just 5K bytes a second to talk.


Whisher to connect from any where? Check your ISP's EULA.

Starbucks expands into the restroom of Starbucks. Actually it's the end of the universe.

Vista doesn't work with iTunes. For now.

Vista is pretty cool. Especially from a security point of view.

Gates shoots one over the Apple bow.

A toaster OS.

Banana. I know banana.

Grand ol Opry has a circle of wood. Leo said wood. He said wood again.

Vista upgrade myths.

Rhapsody subscription service for music is pretty cool. Especially if you're throwing a party.

You can get higher bit rate music right now. Just go here.

Marshal stack. Ear ruiner.

Beatles and Apple get along as of today. Apple takes the mark and licenses it back for Apple Corps to use.

New MBW tag for

Soup or bowl ad picks might have ended up here.

Orbital mechanics terms explained.

Picks of the Week

Organizes Yoojimbo randomly Alex.

Scott shredded 18 bucks for Guitar Shed.

Leo started to mention iRecord and then stopped at Gawker.

Merlin is twitterpaited with Twitter. Adium is now 1.0.

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