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Jan 31st 2007

MacBreak Weekly 27

Ah...Look at the Pretty Colors

New iPod colors, Verizon skipped the iPhone, 802.11n, and Merlin makes more crazy predictions.
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Category: News

New Shuffles! Orange got confused for the old Gold and the Nano got confused Mini. And then we get confused about all the models.

A USB turntable will make your iPod scratchy.

iPod disk mode is cool for data to go. But not for everyday day use.
Use Disk Utility to copy the OS X install DVD to the iPod.
Stupid Bowl Sunday brought us this commercial 27 years ago.
Here's the video.

Yellow Submarine iPod. Fully submersible in water. Periscope. Seats for bass fishing. Air Supply for 20 minutes of diving. Ping is a sonar joke.

Airport Extreme. $1.99 for all your Macs (that actually support this feature).

Speed of the N to Magnolia does not account for the walk down the hill after getting of the train at Clayton. Airport Guide.

[Rat hole on networking, wireless routers, speed of the different letters, Gigabit Ethernet and Ready NAS.]

Verizon said no to iPhone 2 years ago.

[Rat hole that sounds a lot like This Week in Tech or This week in Media].

The Macalope show that also features Fake Steve will never happen now.
Lawyers, grrr.

Vista upgrade decision chart.

Yellow Submarine iPod also comes with a Fry Daddy. Make your own Beignets!

Norway says iTunes is ilLegal. Demands that the FairPlay DRM to work on other devices.

Manage multiple iTunes libraries using the Option key when launching iTunes 7.

The mStation Orb looks like the Intoxication Orb from Sleeper.

UK get a Mac ads.

Mmmmmm.... chips. Intel and IBM have a new process.

LightRoom is about to ship.

MacBreak Dev discussion.

3B is a BASIC interpreter that runs in a browser. There is doc but its broken.

Picks of the WeekMerlin is practicing Voodoo Pad.

Dan is waiting for Leopard.

Rat hole down to see Chicken of the VNC and Remote Desktop and discuss other VNC tools.

John couldn't search for the Safari add-on called Acid Search but it's cool anyway.
Tag MBWIDEAS on to suggest topics.

Alex is scoping out ScopeBox.


The after show rat hole...

Up Timer is a traditional studio timer.

15 reasons to switch to OS X.

15 reasons to switch to Vista.

And then it gets weird and stays weird (lots of talk about Vista?!) until the "we have to turn it off here."

Magic 8 Ball

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