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Microsoft created the world's most popular system and there is plenty to discuss every week. From Windows, Office, Xbox, Enterprise, Azure, and more, join our hosts with their insider's perspective to learn what is happening in Redmond and beyond.

Windows Weekly

Windows Weekly is about more than Windows. Veteran Microsoft insiders Paul Thurrott and Richard Campbell join Leo for a deep dive into the most valuable company in the world. From consumer to enterprise, AI to Xbox, Windows Weekly is the only Microsoft podcast you'll ever need.

OneDrive calms down, Surface firmware, Field Guide resize

Jul 10th 2024

Handwriting recognition, more Copilot+ PCs tests, Brave BYOM

Jul 3rd 2024

Copilot+ PC impressions, Windows Hello ESS, Teams vs EU

Jun 26th 2024

Copilot+ PC Launch Chaos, Recall Delay, Windows 11 Updates

Jun 19th 2024
Hands-On Windows
Hosted by Paul Thurrott

Learn how to maximize your Windows 11 experience, from visual tweaks to performance boosts.

AI PCs Start to Roll Out

Jul 11th 2024

How to Use Passkeys

Jun 27th 2024

Another Way to Use Copilot

Jun 20th 2024

File Sharing and Remote Desktop in Windows 11

Jun 13th 2024
Security Now

Cybersecurity guru Steve Gibson joins Leo Laporte every Tuesday. Steve and Leo break down the latest cybercrime and hacking stories, offering a deep understanding of what's happening and how to protect yourself and your business. Security Now is a must listen for security professionals every week.

Entrust Responds, Passkey Redaction Attacks

Jul 9th 2024

Open SSH Vulnerability, SyncThing, Endtrust

Jul 2nd 2024

Kaspersky Ban, EU vs. Google’s Privacy Sandbox

Jun 25th 2024

"Recall" Recall, IT at the NYT, Private Cloud Compute

Jun 18th 2024

Top Microsoft News and Windows Podcasts

Microsoft launched its first operating system on the MS-DOS framework in 1985. Since then, the company and the operating system have changed quite a bit, eventually evolving into today's Microsoft ecosystem.

An estimated 1.4 billion people (approximately 20% of the world's population) use Microsoft products, including Windows, the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, the Xbox gaming system, Azure cloud computing, Surface Pro tablets, and other hardware and software offerings.

The Microsoft empire has enjoyed nearly 50 years as a top consumer and business tech name. Despite this longevity, many people remain unable to use Microsoft products to their fullest potential.

In addition, the technology landscape is ever-changing, and people are always looking for ways to engage with, upgrade, and protect their personal and professional devices and applications. This is why we created a lineup of enterprise tech and Microsoft news podcasts.

Whether you're a business owner, an IT professional, a tech-savvy employee, or a Microsoft enthusiast, keep up with us weekly to take your knowledge of Microsoft, the Windows platform, and the security solutions that keep them running to the next level.

Windows Weekly

The Windows Weekly podcast gives listeners a look at everything in the Microsoft ecosystem, including Windows, Office, Xbox, Enterprise, and more. Serious technology enthusiasts and enterprise pros will get insider information on the latest Microsoft happenings and releases.

They will also enjoy nuanced commentary from Microsoft podcast experts. The hosts explain how recent news might affect listeners' use of technology within the context of the company's rich history.

Latest Topics

In recent episodes of the Windows Weekly podcast, hosts Leo Laporte, Paul Thurrott, and Richard Campbell have discussed several Microsoft developments, including the rise of AI-powered shopping tools for Windows users. They also previewed the new Windows Copilot feature, discussing how it might differ from its predecessor, Cortana.

This Microsoft podcast has also discussed the features available in Windows 11 updates. In particular, they have outlined the features that will replace the Mail and Calendar apps in Outlook. In addition, they have discussed Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which the company hopes will accelerate growth in its gaming business, Xbox updates.

Why You Should Be Listening

Many people love Microsoft's Windows platform because it's easily adaptable and customizable to any preferences or needs. However, the Windows universe is ever-changing. New software and services, key business decisions, and corporate events continue to develop behind the scenes.

What exactly does this level of change mean for your tech experience? The hosts are tuned into the company's every detail and understand tech like few others. As a result, this Microsoft podcast will help you find something new and discover surprising connections between Microsoft's business moves and the greater technology landscape.

Hands-On Windows

Windows 11 is here. Experts and everyday users agree that its refreshed look, updated apps, and better performance metrics make the upgrade worth it.

The Hands-On Windows podcast is here to help you learn the tips, tricks, and advice to help you maximize your Windows 11 experience. If learning about visual tweaks, performance boosts, hotkeys, and top digital media apps is your thing, the Hands-On Windows podcast is for you. The Hands-On Windows podcast does require a Club TWiT membership or a paid Apple Podcast subscription.

Latest Topics

In recent episodes, the Hands-On Windows podcast has demonstrated some must-see features in Microsoft's Windows 11 release and the best ways to capture your screen using the new OS. You'll also learn host Paul Thurrott's favorite apps for viewing and creating media and learn a few tricks for installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware.

Why You Should Be Listening

There is an almost overwhelming number of features, apps, and capabilities available within the world's most popular operating system. However, Hands-On Windows podcast host Paul Thurrott has a unique ability to break these elements down into easily digestible pieces of information that help you take your Windows knowledge to the next level.

The 10-to-15-minute episodes of this Windows podcast allow listeners to learn about features they may not have even known existed and discover the best tips and tricks for using them.

It doesn't matter whether you're cracking open a Windows laptop for the first time or have been a longtime enthusiast. You're sure to find value in learning how Windows' capabilities can enhance your life and work.

This Week in Enterprise Tech

Explore the complex, cutting-edge world of enterprise technology. In this podcast, you'll get exclusive access to interviews with industry insiders as they explain how their companies make the enterprise world easier.

Far from just another Microsoft news podcast, this one features real-world practitioners live in the studio to discuss everything that concerns IT professionals, including the following:

  • Data security and malware
  • AI automation
  • Remote work
  • Cryptocurrency

You'll find fresh perspectives on age-old IT topics, hear the latest news on innovative solutions, and learn about any changes on the horizon for public and private organizations.

Latest Topics

In the most recent episodes of this business-focused podcast, your hosts have been tackling many cybersecurity-related topics. They've discussed power meter vulnerabilities, USB drive spyware, and how to minimize the risks associated with handling and disposing of dark (or unstructured) data.

Cybersecurity isn't all that this podcast covers, though. You can also expect the hosts to dive into areas such as advanced ERP, hybrid cloud solutions, and even AI-generated artwork.

Why You Should Be Listening

As an IT professional, it's your job to stay updated on the latest enterprise tech news. Because the technology world moves quickly, you need reliable resources that teach you about the most recent developments and how they can help your company or clients gain more market share, increase productivity, and boost the bottom line.

Look no further than the This Week in Enterprise Tech podcast. From startups to Fortune 100 executives, our guests speak thoroughly and candidly on the enterprise tech issues that matter to today's organizations. You'll surely find something you can relate to and use professionally.

Security Now

With the world more connected than ever before, security vulnerabilities are everywhere. Host Steve Gibson has spent nearly two decades explaining the most complex threats in his podcast geared toward serious security geeks. Security Now will break down the latest issues in historical contexts, such as:

  • Passwords and authentication
  • WiFi exploits
  • Browser vulnerabilities
  • Bug bounty programs

In doing so, Steve Gibson helps you find the most effective solutions to stay safe in a digital world.

Latest Topics

If you're a cybersecurity geek, the latest topics on the Security Now podcast will certainly delight you. Recent episodes have discussed the features and benefits of specific solutions such as DuckDuckBrowse, KasperskyOS Phone, Cyber Force, SpinRite 7.1, and MOVEit.

The hosts have also talked extensively about mandatory SMB signing on Windows 11, the hidden costs of crypto mining, and security announcements from the most recent Worldwide Developers Conference. Another topic of interest has been perspectives on IoT DDoS being on the rise.

Why You Should Be Listening

The Security Now podcast has been around for a long timesince 2005! Yet the topics it discusses are more important now than ever. The cost of cybercrime is expected to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025. How can you protect your personal and professional infrastructure with the rise of cyber security issues?

Listening to the Security Now podcast will provide you with in-depth cybersecurity knowledge, teaching you about the issues affecting your software and devices. Whether you're a consumer with social-media-related privacy concerns or an IT manager wondering how to secure IoT devices for remote workers, this podcast will help you stay safe and keep threats at bay.

Consumers and Professionals Can Thrive with Technology

Technology news is relevant to diverse groups of people, including the following:

  • Gamers who want to enhance their experience
  • Consumers who shop online
  • Employees who collaborate using digital tools like Teams
  • IT managers who want to build a rock-solid infrastructure
  • Business owners looking for better security compliance

From the family room to the boardroom, there is plenty to say about Microsoft, enterprise technology, and security weekly.

Join our Microsoft news podcast hosts with insider perspectives to learn about what's happening at Microsoft HQ and beyond. If you love what you hear, join us in Club TWiT to get access to ad-free episodes and other exclusive membership benefits.