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Help & How-To

When you need to know how your device works, learn tips and tricks, and get your tech questions answered, our hosts are some of the best at explaining. Check out our help and how-to podcasts today.

Ask The Tech Guys

Get answers to all of your burning tech questions. From the latest gadgets to tried-and-true tech tips, Leo & Mikah have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of your technology.

Cyber Monday, Dick DeBartolo, Apple's Finder

Nov 26th 2023

Sam Altman, iMessage, SpaceX Starship

Nov 19th 2023

Rolls Royce EV, iMac Contacts Sync, M3 Max MacBook Pro

Nov 12th 2023

Black Friday TV Deals, Ad Blockers, Chrome Lacros

Nov 5th 2023
Hands-On Windows
Hosted by Paul Thurrott

Learn how to maximize your Windows 11 experience, from visual tweaks to performance boosts.

Get the new Windows 11 Feature update

Nov 30th 2023

Which Browser is Right For You?

Jul 13th 2023

How to Capture Your Screen in Windows 11

Jun 1st 2023
Hands-On Mac
Hosted by Mikah Sargent

Explore the Mac  — and beyond! From clever Terminal commands to hidden iOS settings, Mikah Sargent shows you how.

How To Use NameDrop on iPhone & Apple Watch

Nov 30th 2023

Turn Off the Fireworks Before a Meeting With Your Boss

Nov 9th 2023

Sign in Securely and Swiftly With Passkeys

Oct 19th 2023

Contact Posters, Live Voicemail, StandBy, Interactive Widgets, and More

Aug 17th 2023

Tech Tips Podcasts for Mac Tips and Windows Help

When you get a new device, it can take a long period of trial and error before you learn how to use it properly. The good news is that there are several tech tips podcasts that can teach you how to navigate your new gadget much more quickly and efficiently.

Our hosts are tech experts and are simply the best at explaining how your technology works. Get your questions answered by tuning into our Mac and Windows tips podcasts and learning numerous tips and tricks.

Ask The Tech Guys

The Ask The Tech Guys podcast is exactly what the name implies: a place to get your tech questions answered. With a little bit of humor and a lot of patience, hosts Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent help consumers understand and get the most out of their technology.

Our tech guys have the knowledge and expertise to break down complex topics so that everyday users can understand what's happening with their technology. When they're not helping a caller with a pressing tech issue, they're giving their take on the latest news headlines or recent releases. Sometimes you'll also find them speaking with guests in the travel, photography, home theater, and automotive spaces.

Latest Topics

In recent episodes of tech tips podcast Ask The Tech Guys, Leo and Mikah have answered caller questions about:

  • Virtual private networks
  • Denon PerL Pro personal listening devices
  • Bluetooth transmitters
  • How to keep yourself safe while browsing online

They've also weighed in on devices like the Pixel Tablet and Kindle Scribe and shared thoughts on everything from Yahoo and Amazon to the Reddit API.

Why You Should Be Listening

Consumer tech can be confusing. Unfortunately, user manuals are getting shorter and less helpful every year. Many consumers wish there was someone they could call when they have a pressing tech question or need help using a piece of technology they have bought. If that sounds like you, know that Ask The Tech Guys was created with you in mind.

Hosts Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent don't believe in silly questions. During each episode of this tech tips podcast, they both take questions live on the TWiT stream. Their goal is to explain everything from Wi-Fi speeds to smartwatch settings in plain terms that everyone can understand. As tech continues to evolve, they hope to help people overcome glitches and challenges and make the most of today's devices.

Hands-On Windows

With the Microsoft ecosystem changing more frequently these days, many people don't ever understand the full scope of what their operating systems can do and assist with. What if you had someone to help you understand it all, little by little, in a way that made it easy to follow along and implement suggestions? That's Hands-On Windows.

In this Windows help podcast, you'll get 15 minutes of tips and tricks to help you learn a few new features you never knew were available through your Windows device. Whether you own a desktop, laptop, or tablet, Hands-On Windows host Paul Thurrott can help you boost performance and maximize your Windows experience.

Hands-On Windows is a Club TWiT exclusive. Join us and get access to all of our shows with members-only perks for only $7 per month — or subscribe to just Hands-On Windows only for $2.99 per month.

Latest Topics

How to install Windows 11 on an unsupported machine is a hot topic for those who want to upgrade but don't have the required hardware. Fortunately, our Windows tips podcast takes you through the entire process.

Other recent topics from this Windows help podcast include the following:

  • The essential hotkeys to enhance your Windows 11 experience
  • The release of Windows 11 Moment 2
  • The long-awaited screen recording feature

The hosts have also recently outlined the best digital media applications to download now.

Why You Should Be Listening

There could be a million reasons why you bought your Windows device. Whatever your intended purpose, you'll want to get the best possible use out of it.

Unless you're an engineer, technician, or Windows enthusiast with an endless amount of time, you likely haven't even scratched the surface of all that your Windows machine is capable of. There are so many hidden gems and seemingly small, useful functions that can improve your productivity and overall Windows experience.

With useful, pragmatic tips coming every week, our Windows help podcast hosts are eager to show you what you've been missing out on.

Hands-On Mac

Owning an Apple device is great, but knowing how to use it to its fullest potential is even better. Host Mikah Sargent has scoured the Apple ecosystem to uncover some amazing tips, tricks, and features that most people have yet to learn. Fortunately, he's sharing them with you in the Hands-On Mac podcast.

Have you ever edited text using keyboard shortcuts or cleaned up your device with a third-party solution? There are so many tips you can use to enhance your Mac experience, and this Mac tips podcast is on a mission to reveal them all.

Enjoying Hands-On Mac requires a Club TWiT membership or an Apple Podcasts paid subscription. You can join Club TWiT for just $7 per month to access all perks and get all our shows in audio or video.  You can also get the ad-free audio version for $2.99 per month in Apple Podcasts.

Latest Topics

Our most sought-after Mac tips podcast has many tricks up its sleeve. For instance, recent episodes have gone over:

  • Creating a bootable installer with a copy of MacOS on a USB drive
  • Using the Mac Activity Monitor for troubleshooting
  • Using Automator to write your own folder actions
  • Using Stage Manager to organize your open apps

As you can see, you'll find more than simple keyboard shortcuts when listening to Hands-On Mac.

Why You Should Be Listening

Apple devices aren't just made to be beautiful on the outside; the company's inclusion of premium chips and internal hardware ensures that they run just as smoothly inside. Hands-On Mac can help you get the most use out of your Mac desktop, laptop, tablet, watch, phone, or connected accessory.

From the weather app to the continuity camera, our Mac tips podcast gives you what you need to make you more productive and learn to love your Apple device more than you already do.

Technology Can Be Hard, but We Make It Easy

If you find using and understanding your technology to be a challenge, know that you are not alone. If you're looking for tech help, information about Apple technology, or a Windows tips podcast, our experts are here to answer your questions and do what we can to solve your greatest tech problems.

Join us to get the answers you've been waiting for. For access to ad-free versions of all of our podcasts and TWiT exclusives like Hands-On Mac and Hands-On Windows, join us in Club TWiT for $7 per month.