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TWiT has been an ad-supported network for over ten years and has helped hundreds of companies grow their brands and increase their customer base by educating our audience about their products and services through ads on Our advertisers are a mix of start-ups, established brands, and those that we helped become established brands.

TWiT reaches a highly-engaged, tech-savvy audience as one of the world’s largest internet broadcasters of live and on-demand technology shows. Lisa Laporte has overseen the TWiT sales process since 2009 because she wanted to work directly with sales agencies and advertisers to super-serve our audience. In 2015 Lisa and Leo Laporte extended Lisa's podcast advertising services to other podcast networks and founded Artisanal Agency. Lisa Laporte is the CEO of both companies, and all TWiT advertising sales remain under her direction.

We are always interested in new advertisers who have products and services that will directly benefit our audience. If you are interested in advertising on, please email or call 855-576-5500.

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