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Apr 23rd 2008

MacBreak Weekly 86

The Freak Squad

Apple to report earnings, Apple sales up big time, Mac security, iPhone and more...
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Category: News

Apple to report earnings, Apple sales up big time, Mac security, iPhone and more.

  • Apple earnings call. Mac sales reach for the sky. Was this the "Vista Bump?"
  • A discussion on Mac security, for some Mac security tips, see this.
  • Jim Cramer says "buy Apple stock" on CNBC's "Stop Trading!", and thinks that iPhone 2.0 is game, set and match
  • What is Apple's "Conversation?" Jim Cramer says it's going to be huge. Could it be something to do with the confirmed iPhone IM related product?
  • Leo mentions the T-Mobile Sidekick, the "Blackberry for the younger generation."
  • Leo might use the Newtek Tricaster for his new live streaming. Scott wants to get to press the myriad of buttons and switches
  • Scott saw the Tricaster while presenting at NAB.
  • While it is $10,000, the Tricaster is actually a very good deal; it replaces million dollar boards.
  • Could Leo turn into that guy with the wierd accent when he starts streaming, could this turn into "Sundays with Leo?"
  • PayPal has backed down on the EV-SSL issue, however, you will not be able to access PayPal if you use IE4 on Win95
  • WebKit is cool
  • Tommy Bahamas crops up for some reason
  • Apple Buys P.A. Semi, designer of the PowerPC. The hosts agree it's probably for mobile devices
  • Scott thinks the Newton is back (Now with 4-bit display)
  • The first Apple-Intel commercial is now void... (for years, the Intel chip, trapped inside PCs...)
  • Andy says there is a tablet in Apple's future, and it's not an iPhone. Is it yellow? The panel has given up on second-guessing Steve Jobs

Audible Pick (courtesy of Andy Ihnatko):
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Abridged). If you want the first 3 volumes of this book and more (over 120 hours), see this

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