MacBreak Weekly

Mar 4th 2008

MacBreak Weekly 79

Louder Than Bombs

iPhone SDK is late, this Thursday’s announcement, MacBook Air, MacBook upgrades, and more...
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Category: News
  • Macbook and Macbook Pro Upgrades!(The leo effect strikes again) Penryn is here, multi-touch on the macbook pro.
  • The iPhone SDK was late.
  • Wheres the Computer!?! We continue to talk about air as The Macbook Air discussion continues
  • New Album Artwork for MBW, featuring Andy, Alex Merlin, Scott and Leo
  • Jonathon Coulton (you may take two drinks) crops up.
  • Amazon MP3 VS iTunes
  • Alex continues (you may take another two drinks) to "hate the web", and wants an Adobe AIR version of Amazon MP3
  • Music Services need to help you discover music, as well as find stuff you are looking for
  • A discussion of the secret Apple vertical market in Music (Garageband/Logic-Itunes Store=Music without labels)
  • Leo thinks the vertical market could bring up anti-trust issues
  • The Fairport convention
  • Merlin brings up the idea of "ubiquitous capture"
  • CD's are dead.

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