MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Dec 19th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 70

Happy Life Day

Anticipation of Macworld, GarageBand 4.1.1 sends tunes to iPhone, and our software picks...

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Its the MacBreak Weekly Year Ender!

  • Merlin is back! (note, Merlin may return to e-darkness until February with the exception of Macworld)
  • The iCal whine returns! Merlins trademark Mac whine returns for a cameo....
  • Did I mention this is one of the longest MBW's ever, almot 2 hours! You really get what you pay for here at MacBreak Weekly (In fact, i have not been able to eat for days, writing shownotes for this show was impossible, its the first time I had to DRAFT shownotes)
  • DO NOT! REPEAT NOT! Email Leo to get MBW's present to you this holiday season. If you want to get the PDF of Merlins Mannerisms, a date book with quotes from Merlin Mann, just click here
  • Merlin mentions the one thing George Lucas has spend all his money trying to destroy: the Star Wars Holiday Special
  • Andy actually cut a mildly entertaining movie from it in the pre-imovie days! (Andy Ihnatko: If there was a checkbox on life that said "stop sucking", I would be able to click it, my examples include Comic Sans and the Star Wars Holiday Special)
  • Happy Life Day! For all wookies and Star Wars geeks everywhere!
  • Shash: Thank god i was not alive when the Star Wars Holiday Special was released
  • Merlin: Things were different in 1978, i would watch Darth Vader make hashbrowns
  • Macworld Predictions!
  • The big-iPhone, small-macbook, tablet, touch, sub-notebook, thing! The Apple Rumour Mill builds a rumour aggregator!
  • Nobody has any idea what is going to happen, face it, but we do know one thing:
  • It will be cool! (but we don't know how cool, it might be leopard cool, tiger-when-it-came-out cool, iPhone cool, Newton cool, 1995-called-again cool, we don't know, but it WILL be cool)

Picks, Due to the length of this episode the picks section has temporarily been renamed: things people mentioned which you will probably/and/or/may/ like.

Merlins Picks:

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