MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jan 7th 2020

MacBreak Weekly 695

Andy Loves the Listeners

Apple at CES 2020, FBI vs Apple (Again)
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Category: News

This Week's Stories:

  • The biggest Apple CES 2020 news
  • Apple comes to CES 2020 to talk security
  • The best CES 2020 product for iPad: Brydge Pro+ is the first iPad keyboard with a trackpad
  • The best CES 2020 product for iPhone: PopPower finally lets you wirelessly charge your phone without removing your Pop Socket
  • FBI asks Apple yet again to unlock a shooter's iPhone
  • Ricky Gervais roasts Tim Cook at Golden Globes
  • Apple wins Christmas, stock crosses $300
  • Why hasn't Apple bought music exclusives?
  • We debunk the "Apple is making a gaming computer" rumor
  • External flash that connects to iPhone now available
  • Sonos sues Google for stealing smart speaker tech. They only have enough money to sue one company at a time, so Amazon is next, then maybe Apple?
  • You can now etch the poop emoji on your AirPods case, or one of 30 others. Which emoji would you use?

Picks of the Week:

  •  Mikah's Pick: ecobee Switch+ | $48
  • Andy's Pick: Hi-Res Music in general, HD Tracks and Qobuz in particular
  • Rene's Pick: Decline Stickers by Timothy Buck
  • Alex Pick: Shadow Draw

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