MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Oct 30th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 64

Hello Leopard!

What's new with Leopard, what's good, and what's bad...

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Guests: John Siracusa
Category: News

It's a......Leopard Special! No Picks this week except......... The pick from the shownotes writer! Make your Cocoa Del.Icio.Us with Cocoalicious, THE way to use on the mac. Back to my mac is cool, Leo uses the new Alex voice to fool his kids with phrases like "who am i, why am i here etc", note, Leo's kids were fooled for about 3 seconds, and congratulations to Merlin on Little Eleanor Flannery Mann (and kudos to merlin, for buying the domain name before the domain-name-squaters!)

  • The finder: is the last Tsar, is Anastasia, Is a hemophiliac. Basically, it needs a big recode.
  • Quick Look should be available EVERYWHERE! However, according to apple, Quick Look is easily extensible and has a standardized plug-in architecture.
  • Scott: How long is it until little niggling mac whines are found for Leopard. Answer (from shownotes): 00 Hours.00 Minutes.00 Seconds, just ask Merlin Mann about ical.
  • Andy and Leo: "We love quick look!", "we love spending time in it"
  • Andy: with spotlight, quicklook and more, messy=ok, infact, organisaiton can. go. out. the. window.
  • Leo: Spotlight in tiger: I turned it off, Spotlight in Leopard: I replaced quicksilver with it"
  • The Panel: Tome machine
  • John: I hate the Transluscent Menubar! I mean why a menubar which shows whats behind it, i mean who thought of that, i mean its...Just NO! OK! Get rid of the transluscent menubar
  • Leo"windows does menubar's Right, their in the app"
  • Andy and John in Unison: "NO! No! and No again! Apple does the menubar right, just no see-through menu bar please"
  • Scott likes Leopard but because of limited pro-application support he won't install on all his mac's yet, but he has got it on one.
  • Read John's very extensive review of Leopard here
  • Scott says leopard is just too distracting
  • When you browse through shared computers in Leopards finder, and you view a PC, You see a CRT moniter filled with the Blue Screen Of Death

Shownotes written by shash

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