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Nov 6th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 65

Burn and Eject

Firewall issues in Leopard, the Move bug, and rumors of a Mac tablet...

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Guests: Peter Cohen
Category: News

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  • Leopard is still good (prediction from shownotes writer: there are probably some mac whines still to be made about ical, but i'll leave those to Merlin)
  • Andy: The menubar should still be changed! Ok! But i can live with it, for now....
  • New unified windows are a good, if under-appreciated feature
  • Leopard runs some programs BETTER than tiger, but we don't know why, or how.
  • The move bug (when moving a file in OS X, if the device the file is being moved to is lost during data transfer, both copies of the file are lost) still exists, so don't move a file, COPY it, and then delete the unwanted version when ready
  • Google Phone OS (Android): More like the internal combustion engine, but will lead to long term development.
  • Android just cobfirms the iphone's position in the cellphone world, it is the mac of cellphones, on it's own, fairly limited by still offering that seamless integration that mac people love
  • EVE online now released for mac! Peter Cohen was in Iceland to cover the launch, and in his view it is AMAZING and definetely worth a look.
  • Quicksilver goes open source, and is to become a google-code project, and of course, prop's to Alc0r, for writing this simply brilliant app for your mac, it's a must have.

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