MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Oct 16th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 62

Mac 404

Here comes Leopard, iPhone unlocked - again, and Apple drops the price of DRM free music...

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Guests: The Macalope
Category: News
  • The Macalope says that we shouldn't expect wonders from Leopard.
  • Andy Inhatko says that the new applescript tools are worth every penny spent on Leopard
  • All the hosts agree that Leopard doesn't have one killer feature that makes the upgrade worth it.
  • Rather, Leopard unifies the OS and adds cool little features all around the OS.
  • The hosts also agree that Leopard is a "Developers OS" whereas Tiger was a users OS
  • Andy says the beta was incredibly unstable and made rendered his macbook useless several times, however Chris Breen says the latest seed has been stable on his test mac.
  • Alex Lindsay says that leopard is cool "under-the-hood", with the refinement of the "Core" API's
  • The Macalope: Leopards benefits will be largely be in the form of cool new apps
  • Leo: Leopard is better as it polishes the OS
  • Donate blood instead of waiting in line at the apple store for leapord
  • (note from shownotes writer: If you are in the UK and are heading down to Maclive Expo, several apple resellers will be selling leopard at the show floor at 6pm on the 26th of October)
  • The Iphone (Yes, you may take a drink)
  • 1.1.1 has been unlocked, along with a jailbreak for the ipod touch
  • The Hosts all say that 3rd party apps are a must for the iphone
  • Leo says that even if the SDK is protected, its better than a hack, he says risking the ibricking of iphones is just not an option
  • Drm Free songs in itunes are just 99 cents!
  • With the exeption of Universal Music tracks, has lost its edge over Itunes
  • Itunes now has certain independent lables DRM free
  • Leo says itunes should offer variable pricing, that way Universal songs can be drm free in itunes

Picks of the week:

Iphone Drive for $10 Leo Laporte (Note: According to the Macalope Apple may not support your iphone if you use this product)

Text Expander 2.0 for $29.95 from Leo Laporte

CSSEdit for $29.95 from Andy Ihnatko

WireTap Studiofor $69 from Chris Breen

Audioengine A5 Bookshelf Speakers for $349 (on sale at amazon for $328 at time of post) from Scott Bourne

Audio Engine USA at from Scott Bourne

Pick from the Shownotes Writer

Remote Buddy at
for €19.99 Euro's, including EU VAT, Use your Apple Remote, Wiimote or even your iphone/ipod touch as a remote for your computer.
With AJAX Safari based Remote for iphone and ipod touch. Works with Keynote, Itunes and onscreen keyboard.

Shownotes Written By Shash

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