MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Aug 15th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 53

Bill In A Box

Justine's big phone bill, iPhone hacks, and the uproar over iMovie...
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Guests: Justine Ezarik
Category: News
  • Leo likes being a host rather than a guest.
  • Justine got a 300 page iPhone bill in a box in the mail
  • Leo and his son text message each other in the movies because they can not call
  • Everyone is possessed to use more internet and text messaging just to get huge bills so they can stick it to AT&T. (They promise to RECYCLE afterwards!)
  • Disclamer: Scott owns trillions of shares of Apple
  • Andy does not care for the new keyboard.
  • 50% of users like iMovie '08, 50% of users love iMovie HD ('06). The Panel likes the new one better.
  • iMovie can rip from (unlocked) DVDs!!!!
  • Apple was "pimping" Panasonic's HDCSD1HD Camcorder with iMovie '08
  • Skimming is by far the best feature in iLife
  • Leo is getting mixed up with the model numbers. Both cameras are 3CCD (Leo is wrong) but the HDC-SD5 is newer, and does 1080p, not 1080i. They all have HDMI out and that is pre-compression (raw), whereas the video on the SD card is compressed heavily.
  • Lights Off, the first native iPhone game.
  • Universal goes DRM free, but not with iTunes
  • Semi-Rathole: Andy expresses his live for Pages in iWork '08

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Picks of the Week!

  • Scott: The Bang and Olufsen Earset 2 is a good sounding, forward looking bluetooth headset, but it breaks our wallets at about half the cost of an iPhone
  • Leo: Inquisitor is an extension like Spotlight for Safari in your Search bar.
  • Andy likes all of the unlocked hidden features of Quicktime Player in Quicktime Pro
  • Alex: Pixelmator is a future program which is a sort of Cocoa mini-photoshop
  • Justine: Mailplane is a Gmail client for Mac OS X

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