MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jul 18th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 49

Now With Optional Squirt Module

Hide-a-pod, working for Google vs. Apple, and proof-of-concept security...
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Category: News
  • This is the 49th MacBreak Weekly, Which wasstarted almost a year ago.
  • Leo turned off on the comments last week. Leo's friendly reminder... don't use the comments to pre-judge the content of the show.
  • Is Andy Inhatko Fake Steve Jobs .
  • Why isn't the iPhone software updated? Turns out Apple wants to tackle these bugs .
  • Alex's middle name is Ben.... Why did we need to know that? Because of the computers...
  • Leo's iPhone Demo: Photos, landscape, pinch, video... Thank God he stopped!
  • It is looking that the iPhone is not is just a phone, it's a computer in your pocket.
  • Most iPhone users are extremely satisfied, however, Leo is not going back to his N95.
  • Maddox's post on the iPhone is in comparison to the E70, not available in the US.
  • Proof of Concept mac worm! The crazy man is asking for money for the fix.
  • It's true, Mac users have NO idea on what to do when using a pc.
  • Alternate mac designs from the 80's .
  • Merlin Mann's Yellow Submarine iPod picked up as a "true" rumor.
  • Our next rumor? Google/Apple Phone.
  • Google is stealing all the fresh meat programmers out of Silicon Valley
  • The iPhone anti-theft device! Now with optional squirt module!
  • Another MacHeist is going on now.
  • 150 iPhones froze the Duke University network
  • Apple was granted a patent for an external user account
  • Leo has bad gadget karma... but for us consumers, its great!!!
  • The best place to find reviews on good products is Amazon which usually has competitive pricing , but also check for the best prices. Leo recommends that you do not subscribe to their mailers because you keep buying sh- -stuff.

MacBreak Weekly is sponsored by Audible. Get your free audiobook today . This weeks pick is Collapse by Jared Diamond . Offer for U.S. citizens only.

Picks of the week!

  • Leo: Dockables is a series of icons for your dock for doing crucial system events such as shutting down, sleeping, ejecting disks, or even just jumping to the screen saver. Thank you Cory Bohon!
  • Three Two picks for Merlin this week: Leaflets are a series of fun, useful applications designed to run natively on your iPhone. It is optimized for AT&T's EDGE network, so you don't have to wait ten minutes to load a website.
  • This Scansnap S500M is not Merlin's Pick.
  • His real pick is YEP is a iTunes/iPhoto interface for PDFs. Also, lets give Devon Think Pro a plug. (not sure why Merlin brought that up)
  • Scott: gOffice for iPhone gOffice lets you create Word documents on your iPhone
  • Alex: PFHoe by The Pixel Farm, is a tracker tool for FCP and Motion in Final Cut Studio 2. (I can't do this justice, visit the site!

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