MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jul 11th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 48

The Next Big Thing

Variable pricing comes to iTunes, iPhone hacks, and where's the Mac?

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Guests: The Macalope
Category: News
  • The Macalope is back, with a new but still Vocoded voice.
  • Leo bought a GiSTEQ Photo Trackr for his camera, but it is windows only.
  • Merlin got a windows only scanner, and returned it, and did not replace it with an OS X one
  • Companies make Leo mad when they force him into using their software and are windows only
  • Apple announces Variable Pricing (Warning! iTunes link.) on iTunes with some full albums priced at $5.99 and $6.99
  • Rumor: JPMorgan says retracted their statement that there will be a Nano iPhone with a "circular control piece". But all they want is a cheaper, smaller iPhone.
  • Steve Jobs spotted at the Regent Street Apple Store
  • Engadget's Top Ten useful Apple Dashboard widgets
  • Google's New Project by Al Gore allows you to open a port on your mac to interact with your iPhone
  • Leo found the iLove Lamp widget for his dashboard. Merlin likes them because they do the iStat Series Too !
  • Rumor: New iMac with macbook style keyboards and brushed aluminum
  • Leo is done with the iPhone, and wants to get back to the macintosh
  • ImageWell Updated with Flickr export
  • Skitch is a new product that makes it easy to do screenshots, annotate it, and upload it to Flickr
  • Merlin, the tear offs are an OS X service... not a feature of skitch
  • According to John Gruber the in Leopard 10.5 has a notes feature too... Coincidence? We think not.

MacBreak Weekly is brought to you by For your free audio book visit This week's recommendation: The Code of the Woosters (Dramatised) by P.G. Wodehouse.

The Picks of the Week are...

  • Leo: Nisus Writer Pro came back to the Mac
  • Macalope: Aurora is an alarm clock for your mac that you can setup to wake you up with your iTunes songs
  • Merlin: FlyGesture is a mouse gesture program for your mac. It's a lot like automator
  • Andy: Photomatix is a tone mapping and exposure blending tool to help you get an extremely realistic picture

This macbreak is now done broke! (stolen from.... some other ep.)

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