MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jul 3rd 2007

MacBreak Weekly 47

That's Our Shooby!

Universal challenges iTunes, iPhone hacks, and our software picks of the week...

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Category: News
  • Merlin hates the iPhone, and thinks that the reason why it is selling so well is that it is an impulse buy
  • Rumor : Apple makes $300- $400 per iPhone
  • Kevin Rose has had major problems with his iPhone, and Alex's internet on the iPhone has been crashing
  • The Mac SE backpack rathole... Again, Merlin?
  • Universal Music is rumored to be pulling out on their iTunes contract
  • iTunes is the Top 3rd Music Seller
  • Leo gets Llama mail? It turns out to be a new Music Store . Alex is Curious if you are able to sync the iPod without using iTunes. Maybe we'll hear wrom the "llama-lope"
  • Merlin broke the rules! He listened to the internet radio stations on the National Day of Silence .
  • Prince is giving away a compliation CD in a Newspaper in the UK
  • Download to DVD will be available soon on the iTunes store
  • Leo killed his AppleTV while hacking it .
  • Rumor : The Pinch Multi-Touch screen will come to the macbook (pros)
  • The iPhone Developers confrence is coming up on the 6Th at Adobe's Campus
  • Leo got his wife a Canon 5D with an L lens , and he is astounded with the picture quality
  • Leo and Scott reccomend the Fong Lightsphere
  • Hello, from the new shownotes guy!!! Leo is the first one to pronounce my name right!!! Oh, and here is the link Merlin wants me to include.
  • The iPhone Root Password has been cracked!
  • Everyone is bound to their iPhone, and can't let go.
  • Leo was skepticical about a "Music Phone" but is using it as his primary device
  • With any problem, power down the iPhone (hold the top button down and slide accross) and turn back on. To force quit a stalled application, hold down the home button
  • AT&T support has been outstanding for the iPhone
  • The iPhone has been hacked/unlocked for iPod only
  • Apple takes in revenue from all AT&T iPhone plans and deals
  • Google purchased Grand Central
  • There is a new AJAX OS X web os , which crashes
  • If you are looking for more iPhone go to the Apple Phone Show

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Software Picks of the Week

  • Scott/Shooby: Shiira is a new light weight webbrowser which uses Apple's Webkit (which is Exactly as fast as safari). Safari 3 Beta completely replaces the WebKit framework
  • Leo: Pownce is Kevin Rose's new social networking/twitter replacement which utilizes Adobe AIR (apollo) and is cross-platform. Invite Only!
  • Rathole: All of the YouTube videos are now being converted to or are h.264 videos
  • Alex: The Sony MRW62E USB Reader/Writer takes all kinds memory cards and is about $30 bucks.
  • Leo(?): Plaxo is a program that keeps your contacts up to date. You and your friends sign up for plaxo and when your info gets changed, it gets pushed to your friends. And now with plaxo 3 they added calendar and note syncing.
  • Merlin: Mozy is an interesting new backup service which will automatically let you backup what ever you want, such as your photos, music, home folder, etc. $4.95 a month.

Break Time is OVER! See you next week!

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