MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Jun 7th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 43

Dance To The Nuance

Gates vs Jobs cage match, iPhone news, and our software picks...
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Guests: The Macalope
Category: News

Show notes courtesy John Foster.

University of Pennsylvania shirt.

For god, for country, for Yale. Go Yale!

Chinese studies. I like Chinese.

The Macalope must use Voice Candy.

5:09 Gads it's a rat hole sooner then ever...

Skipping ahead to: 20:05

Cult of Mac adverts. Diverted.

Mmmmm... Calamari.

Doing it with your finger.

It's the internet. Duh.

A dog does you know what because he can.

There is lots we don't know.

Fine Edge.

"It's really OS X."

Frued quote. 22:09

The red Zune.

New dotmac on the horizon. About damn time.

YouTube on AppleTV. Does H.264. Finally! Access to cute kitties and hair.

Here's a good place to learn about hobby projects.

EMI tunes can be upgraded for 30 cents a song.

What about the "left" speakers? Reference at 33:15.

All of it or None of it. That sucks.

"Wish You Were Here" is not the better record.

USB Record player to get.

Embedded in the song is your email address and account info isn't a big deal.

Does DRM really suck?

New MacBook Pro. The 17" has an option for 1920x1200 for a $100 more. Finally a reason to get a 17"!

If only it ran OS X.

Parallels 3.0 is not out yet. But they will take your $50. Has 3D acceleration.

Sometimes I really hate VI or as it's called VIM. But I really like that I can bridge the command line with a GUI using TextMate/BBedit and the provide hack.

Rainbows. Couldn't find the Cartmen rant about rainbows.

Big Banana dot TV.

The Day the Clown Cried. From the wiki. Script found be the Spy article could not be found.

Picks of the Week

starts at 52:45

PandoraJam jams Panadora jams into iTunes.

NetNewsWire has a new revision. More bits and bobs. Red-Sweater does Mars Edit.

Camino 1.5. It opens stuff that Safari won't.

Want to upload this picture to YouTube? Yes / No.

Everyone should read the Macalope/.

Stick around to 1:30 to the end. Drink some H20 while listening to prove that it isn't you.

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