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Jun 11th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 44

WWDC Deconstructed

We run down the WWDC announcements, and John Gruber explains why Safari for Windows makes sense...

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Guests: John Gruber
Category: News

Watch the WWDC Keynote.

bivalves and crustaceans

Marvin the Martian.

Steve was wearing a red shirt. Here's what we know about red shirts.

Games from EA! You can play this game while waiting.

John Carmack from ID.

66% of all Mac users are running Tiger. But how many of them actually bought the upgrade? 22 million active OS X users. This number comes from mining the automatic software upgrade numbers.

Leopard has 300 new features of which 10 where shown. Evidently ZFS didn't make the cut for today's demo.

You can see demos of the new features on the remade


PathFinder or Pathfinder or Path Finder that Scott might thinking of.

Quick Silver.

A tutorial for Folder Actions.

How do you view your Finder windows? Icon, List or Columns. I use all three. Depends on what I'm doing. Cool that you can use Command-1, Command-2 or Command-3 to switch between them.

NExTStep File Viewer.

Greg's Browser ran on OS 9.

How do I sort mail? A smart folder that only shows unopened mail for the last two days.

Back to my Mac. This is a freaking cool feature. Think DynDNS without knowing what DNS is. Not knowing that doesn't make you dyn.

QuickLook. This exact feature is in PathFinder. How hard is it to open Preview? Double click... which I have to say for some people is a pretty hard thing to do.

64 bit. Yawn. Twice as large as 32.

Parallels and vmWare.

Spaces (which you can try out with VirtueDesktops today). For example if you've tried to use a 3d creation tool or video editing editor and your email program at the same time you'll know they don't really get along. 3d wants the whole screen. Mail overlaps. Ugh. Separating the productivity apps from the editor to their own spaces makes both work better.

Steve is using the Oblique widget.

Yahoo Widgets is prettty cool.

Can you open a Widget with QuickSilver? In other words just by itself? Sometimes. Open the /library/widgets folder. Then "Show Package Contents" by right clicking any of the Widgets there. Next double click the whatever.HTML. Didn't always work in Safari 3.0. More info about that.

Marlena Dietrich

iChat includes: AAC-LD, Backdrops, Screen Sharing and Invisibility.

Safari for Windows. Ho hum you say? This got made because of the iPhone. They had to port Safari to the iPhone. So it's not a jump to make it work on Windows. You just bolt the GUI (aka the menus and the screen stuff) to a layer that pokes into it. But it gets better. Safari was already running on Windows long before iPhone. As it's already running in iTunes. Webkit enables iTunes. There is no way that Apple will make two versions of the HTML layer here. So it had to get ported to run there.

iPhone services like dialing. And um. Dialing. Uses a tag like call:2066665338.

1:04:10 John Gruber phones in.

Developers feel insulted. No standards. No SDK. You are on your own. LDAP look up thing example is the only example so far. It's a web site. No icon. Why not? Who knows. What about Windows Safari? It's about Google Adverts. Big bucks to Apple.

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