MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

May 30th 2007

MacBreak Weekly 42

Justine Not Justin

Justine is the new Justin, more iPhone rumors, and WWDC predictions...

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Guests: Justine Ezarik
Category: News

Justine is the new Justin, more iPhone rumors, and WWDC predictions...


Fog Horn.

eye justine dot tv appears in the cron.

Arrrgh. Pirates game.

Zombies at the Apple Store.

You can leave your hat on.

When the Explicit Tag came off.

Sony vs Apple! Reverse alphabetical order intentional. 9 bucks down the drain?

iPhone.... skipping ahead to: 19:50

Mean while... the whales are free!

Weird clouds over Nebraska. Scott would be into them based on the name.

iTunes Plus. Ding dong DRM is dead. Sorta.

iTunes U.

Here's where I start taking notes again.

AppleTV is a better Mac Mini. Maybe not.

Rubber chicken.

Listen to the MacBreak Tech show called ABGN for all the information about making your wireless networks behave.

Kentsfield and Clovertown. Sounds like smokes.

Check this out... iTunes has MacBreak Tech in new releases. MacUser is a fan.

iGasm. And another take.

A million Zunes. Not.

This chicken video is more interesting the Zune discussion.

iPod sales graph.

I'm in my own rathole.... brb.... jetpack?! What! I want a jet pack! Oh... no real jetpack justa dumb book.

The Roads Must Roll.

Speaking of rolling.

Craigslist iPod. eBay iPod.

Planet Earth. Get the BBC version.

Sid and Marty Croft. Seals and Croft. How could you confuse the two?


Picks of the Week at 1:07:00

1Password. Hooks into Keychain. Hooks into Safari. Remembers long passwords and user info. figures out the optimum date and time for a group. It's free.

Flock. Have you seen Flock? Del.icios integration. Flickr integration. Blog support. News reader. Cool stuff.

Run Software Update in System Preferences...

Final Cut Studio 2.0 includes Sound Track Pro. You have to buy all the whole suite to get this app. Does Dobly 5.1. 6 track input. Scott might give up ProTools?!

FaceBook apps. Gifts not gifs. For once the correct pronunciation of that file format would have come in handy.

Virb. Nobody has a virb. Im in like with you. Another thing nobody has.

AppleTV has a development kit. Hack on!

There's nothing in the last 15 seconds.


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