Untitled Linux Show

Mar 31st 2024

Untitled Linux Show 145

The Linux Hotline

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

The Backdoor, The Alternative, and The Versioning

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Category: News

The big news is the SSH backdoor, introduced by a mal-maintainer of the xz project. The rest of the news is happier, with coverage of FlyOS, Intel finally planning to move away from family 6, and Blender minting a new release. There's a compellng alternative to Broadcom's VMWare, Canonical is toying with x86_64-v3, and The Linux Foundation has forked Redis as Valkey. For tips, we have ladder for your bash gaming obsession, lvchange and file for dealing with logical volume filesystems, three different ways to count directories, with three different results, and gdu, the Go alternative to ncdu. See the show notes at https://bit.ly/3TDta8Y and enjoy the show!

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