Untitled Linux Show

Mar 24th 2024

Untitled Linux Show 144

From Rawhide to Ranchers

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett
Co-Hosted by Jeff Massie, Ken McDonald

Redis Relicense, Snap Malware, and Nova

New episodes are recorded live every Saturday in the Club TWiT Discord.
Guests: David Ruggles
Category: News

This week we talk about the new Pentesting distro that isn't Kali, the new AMD FSR release, and Snap Store malware. Then there's AlmaLinux's birthday, Playtron's gaming distro, and the Nova rust driver for Nvidia hardware. For tips, we have bind for setting bash keybinds, YQ for manipulating markup language, Remmina as the Swiss Army-Knife of remote access, and an Ivresized tip for making a volume full-sized. Catch the show notes at https://bit.ly/4cm4udE and be back for more next week!

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